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Introduction and background

As an introduction I would like to try to reflect on the development that led to the 5-Cup setup of the man, and beyond that, here. Like basically everything on my website, this serves primarily to help me to become clear about the things so that I can describe them. These are reflections on knowledge and on my own working.
The development of the learning stages towards the device discussed here is somewhat difficult to describe, but I will try it as follows:


I define for me as START of the development the 324th KSWS of 16.04.2020.

The 'Cup of Man' (to this time called Cup-3) was presented, which is the result of the combination of Cup-1 and Cup-2. Mr.Keshe explains here that it represents the interaction of the soul of the man (Cup-1) with the physicality (Cup-2). Out of this originates the point in between, point of balance - the 'soul of totality'.
Mr.Keshe: "How to connect the physicalities and the souls (at 31')."
"We connect the soul of physicality with the soul of the man."
Cup-1 has the higher field strengths (through the zinc) than Cup-2, and is therefore above physicality. Zinc GaNS has been known to us for years as the field strength of emotions. Also, only 1 zinc plate is present, but 2 copper coils. This does not directly indicate the highest level of the 'soul of man' which interacts with Cup-2 (3 times copper, physicality).

But the knowledge and inspiration brought by the innovation of the 'Cup of Man' was groundbreaking, and is now, August 16, 2020, a foundation for understanding the '5-Cup setup of the man'. In particular the description of how the Plasmatic Interaction of two (or more) centres manifests a third centre point, which represents a new 'soul' of this trinity. Here you can find my excerpts from the workshop and my analysis .

It then took exactly 3 months until the moment was there to release literally a flood of new 'technologies'.
Right with the first workshop of the following series the slight dissonance I described above was cleared up.
The 'real' cup of the soul was presented in the ...


337th KSWS, 16.07.2020 - 'The real cup of the Soul of Man'

The newly presented GaNS production and the connection to Cup-1 and Cup-2 represent the first triple setup.
Besides the well-known two cups, the 'Cup of the Soul of the Man' is presented, with 3x zinc and all nano coated. The absence of copper (physicality) now fits much better to the level of the spirit, or what Mr. Keshe calls the soul. For me everything made more sense now and I immediately started to plan and nano coat the newly produced zinc parts. I have planned a triple setup which consists of 2 levels of heights, spirit over matter.

The developments were faster than my build-up of the triple system, because after one week this setup was already obsolete. The zinc parts for the new Cup-3 that were already in the nano coating are also needed in the 5-cup setup. Also some design considerations, like a nano main connection line are included in the new setup. This main connection has developed into a 'spine - coil'.
Just before the first sawing work for a support, the next workshop followed, in which the complete setup that is the subject of this page was presented, based on the 3-piece setup, the ...


5-Cup setup, 'the reproduction of the totality of the life of the man', 338th KSWS, 23.07.2020

The 5-Cup setup adds two more cups to the triple set introduced a week earlier.
The set of 3 represented the human being with his soul and the manifestation of the body. The physicality consisting of the 'soul of physicality' and the 'physicality'.

The two cups that are added represent the 'environment' in which man lives, at the moment this is planet earth. Without an environment no manifestation (physicality) is possible. The manifestation of the physical originates by interaction of the soul of man with an environment.
If the environment, the planet, changes, the manifestation of the body changes.
I have created a graphic about this further below, as an addition to the excerpt from this workshop.

"With this you cover the totality of the man" explains Mr.Keshe, and this totality also includes the environment, the living conditions.

The two cups of the planet (Earth) represent the inner core of the planet, and the outer core of the planet on which the inertia comes into play.
The same applies to the man, the soul is the inner core and the physicality the outer core.
Of course, we find the same analogy in many, in all places of the manifestation of plasma. The core of the atom with its electrons and protons. Fruits with their stone in the center and an outer peel etc.

Likewise, the number 5 is the number of the man. We have 5 fingers, in the duality of Yin and Yang as 5 left and 5 right.
We also find the human being represented in the upright standing pentagram. The 5 tips of the pentagram symbolize the action of the 4 elements (planet and physicality), the upper tip corresponds to the spirit (soul).

The pentagram points with the tip upwards to show the mastery of the spirit over the lower matter. It also shows man's striving for the divine or the field strengths of the universe (evolution).
A pentagram pointing downwards thus symbolizes that matter dominates the spirit and that man strives for the lower energies of the ego (involution). The latter is understood as a black magic or demonic sybol.

Mr. Keshe presents this 5-Cup system as part of the 'flight system' and not as a continuation of the Cup-1/2 intention to handle the Corona Virus.
This can be clearly seen in the summary of this workshop, as you can read in the next section.
The possible manipulation of all 3 areas of body, soul (emotions) and spirit by tuning the cups opens unlimited possibilities in the future.

With this introduction we have arrived in the now and at the content of this page. As a quasi preview, without the same detailed explanations, the principles of the 5 Cups in the other areas of the matter were hinted at.

These are the 5-Cup systems mentioned so far:

  1. Of the life of man (topic of this page)
  2. Of the plant kingdom (vertical people)
  3. Of the solid matter
  4. Of the gaseous state
  5. Of the liquid state

No. 2 opens a variant of feeding through the field strengths of the plant world (planetary field strengths), as an alternative to the not yet explained feeding from the soul (cosmic field strengths). Below and above can and do nourish us.

No. 3 to 5 serve the manifestation of matter in one of the states of matter.
The cup systems 3-5 have only been explained by Mr. Keshe (08/18/2020) to the extent that it enables an expansion of the understanding of interactions and positions.
There are some more informations available on system 2, which represents the plant kingdom.
The informations available can be found in KSWS 339 - 341.

However, this will be the subject of a following chapter of the Plasma Saga.


And now much joy with the 'reproduction of the totality of the life of man'!


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Presentation of the system in the 338th KSWS

Link to theVideo of the 338th Knowledge seeker workshop (start at 50')



Excerpts from key phrases of the 338th KSWS


Download in German .........Download in English .........Download in Italian(grazie Ardelean)



" "With this you cover the totality of the man"

First taught in 338 th Knowledge seeker workshop
of the Keshe foundation

Year 117 in the Aeon of Horus
era vulgaris 23.07.2020


Excerpts of key phrases by knowledge seeker 'Shin'


The Soul is the sun.
The sun creates the earth and moon, the Soul creates the physicality of the man.
There is no difference.

To be able to live in both dimensions the same time.
We unite the Soul of the planet, then we unite the unicos.

Gas reactors for space travel.

The Soul has no dimension. You see no GaNS.

Picture of the small cup in the 'Cup of Soul'

We put a cup under the centre and we collect 'nothing'. If you see GaNS you become to physical.
You have to trust the existence of the soul in your brain, as you have to trust the existence of the
Soul in the cup.

The 'cup of man' was half of the structure.

Feed through the dimension of the soul.
Stick close to what is shown. Feeding of the soul and emotions of the soul.

You take the energy of the cups, and through your emotion you transfer it to what you like it to be.
And that is what you receive on that energy level.
The cup of the universe, which is the planet earth for itself ...
You will come to a much greater knowledge of the universe.
Easy understanding of languages.

Build the cups in the way to be, and then take the GaNS'es from it.


You dictate what is going to be in that cup of soul.
We produce different colour of GaNS'es according to yourself and the soul of physicality and soul
of man.

The singularity of the creator is over. Everything will be done in tandem.
(--> 329 th KSWS , 1h09'. Universe as a twin system)

Q: John Bliven about Iodine.
A: Iodine is the essence of the fields of emotion. Not the soul. Isotopes of it are different emotions.

John Bliven explains his reactor setup with Iodine.


1h43' BREAK until 2h09'


With this you cover the totality of the man.

Cup 1: Cup of the soul of the man

Cup 2: Soul of physicality of the man

Cup 3: Physicality of the man

Cup 4: Inertia
Soul of the inertia of the planet (copper based)

Cup 5: Gravity
The soul of this planet. Magnetic / gravitational field of this planet is based on iron.
The 3 essential elements of life and physical dimension.
Zinc: Lungs/brain, Iron: Blood, Copper: Muscles
How you choose your salt water will dictate the emotion and the dimension of the


You might add different salt. You will receive near enough to the replication of your life.
These cups have to be stacked up exactly as it is.
The plates are positioned like the spine.
The materials produced will now be completely different to before. The colour will change.

The positions of the small cups in the cups 1,4,5
It's the inertia of the copper which gives physicality to the man
If you take 1 drop of the GaNS'es of any of these cups, done the correct way, it will feed you for
one day.

If your intention and soul is to support illness, with the Cup-1 and Cup-5 you will elevate the soul
of the man. Because you eliminate the inertia and physical condition. You use the physical free
fields of the planet to create a condition of elevation of the soul.

If you have a physical condition which is psychosomatic you use Cup-2 and Cup-3 GaNS'es.

If you have a problem with conversion or evolution, you use Cup-4 and Cup-5.
Depending which evolution has taken place, use Cup-2 or Cup-3. This is to get rid of the inheritant

The most important of it: You are the man, the creator of it.
You have established every dimension (5 cups).

Do it the way that you are happy with your work.

Use this knowledge to overcome hunger, disease, to elevate your soul and to work through the soul.

You can overcome Corona or any other virus, any diseases in space. By creating the right condition
for the soul, you support the whole of your understanding, structure and physicality.

Mankind has to do two things to reach universal community:

- To transfer knowledge unconditionally, without any hesitation
- (not mentioned)

Try with drops not gallons to feed you.

Image 2, the cup of soul and atomic weights

We collect nothing but transparency.

Centre Zinc coil: Physicality of the man
Zinc plate: The dimension of massive physicality of the man with the planet
2 nd Zinc coil: Interaction of the emotion field of the zinc.

(The interactions of the zinc parts refer to Iodine (126-136) and gold (189-195) and above)

Depending on the isotopes of the nano coating, you get the emotions in totality (the cell, feel and
You find what the soul shares with the body of the man.
In the future you can measure where your soul will take place in the unicos


Q: Can we place the cups also horizontally? Or just vertically?
A: We place the man vertically. If you want to place it horizontally, you have to put under each cup
the Cup-4 and Cup-5.

Q: About atomic weight interactions in the Cup-1
A: Nano-zinc: We go from 63 up to 75. It depends.

Everything now counts: The number of turns you make, how you connect the zink plates,
what salinity you use, the distance and position ...

Iron sits in the centre (Cup-5) , because in the gravitational magnetic field of the earth, iron is the
magnetic field dominator.

In Cup-5 you have combination of the matter state, liquid state and gaseous state. It's the closest
replication of the structure of the earth.

In the coming teachings i will teach you how to use the Soul to create flight. To create different
combinations of freedom of the Soul from physicality, and return back to physicality.
To be able to live in both dimensions, aware of both dimensions to the same time, not as in sleep.
The Soul of the knowledge is shared, not the word of the knowledge.

In the coming teachings i will show you how to transfer your Soul. Those who go to the depths of
the universe need assurance that the Soul arrives at a point of destination. So you will be able to
make a copy of your Soul that, when you arrive, you can understand both dimensions. You can visit
your uncles in Paris and London and you can be there at the same time. Replication of the Soul of
the man.

Never use galvanized in Cup-5, just iron.

This system has an overall energy value, a cup value, a structure value (all 5 together as 1) . And
combinations of 'different things' (draws circles).

Play with the combinations ...

Q: Is there a certain distance between the cups?
A: What's the distance between your neck, heart and brain where the Soul is ...

If it's not used the whole structure, you leave your body outside and play with the fields (for

Q: Armen Do you use nano coated wires for connection?
A: You can use nano coated wires to connect the nano coils, so you have no conversion. Later all
get's nano coated the plasma way anyway.

Q: Armen Why a flat piece in the cup?
A: The flat plate has a reason, it creates a barrier field force. Otherwise your system will run out of
control. No reflector, it's a limitation of the fields.

When you put so many plates and so many coils, these plates in the total structure will behave like a
coil anyway, because each one becomes like one turn of the coil.
The nano coated materials in Cup-5 are like an alloy, but in plasmatic fields.
In some of the cups you produce from hydrogen to copper, to zinc and in some other it produces
plutonium and uranium field strengths.



Personal addon, not part of the workshop teaching


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Own build of the 5-Cup system


Coils and plates used:

  • Zinc coils 5 mm ¢ inside, 60 mm length (from strips of 6,6 mm width of a D-battery)
  • Zinc coil 6 mm ¢ inside, 60 mm length (from bottom of battery in spiral cut)
  • Copper coils 10 mm ¢ inside, 60 mm length, 1,38mm ¢ solid wire (for large cups)
  • Copper coils 7,7 mm ¢ inner, 60 mm length, 1,38mm ¢ solid wire (for small cups 2 and 3)
  • Iron coil 7,7 mm inside ¢ , 60 mm length
  • Zinc plates 32 x 65 mm
  • Copper plates 28 x 70 mm
  • Various solid connecting wires 0,5 mm ¢, nano
  • 'Bridges' between the outer parts of a cup, 6 windings with central tap-off (see below), nano
  • Main connecting line 'Spine' with 5 symetrical tap-offs for the cups (spine, see below), nano


Connecting line 'Spine'



Cups used:

  • Glass jar, 100 mm ¢, 130 mm height, 750 ml (Cup 1, 4, 5)
  • Glass jar, 80 mm ¢, 95 mm height, 250 ml (Cup 2, 3)


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Nano coating

"An art & a science"
The elevation of matter to a new energy level that allows interaction with fields by creating more 'nothing' (space gap, void) between the materially perceived atoms.


There are several ways to nano coat parts. The described procedure is the best caustic process to my knowledge and corresponds to about 90% of the taught protocol of the foundation. The style of creating, whether "butcher- or surgeon-style 1", as well as intention plays a big part in the resulting quality. Especially the time you give the nano layer to form its layers.


  • Cleaning of the formed metals (possibilities: sandpaper >1000 grain, alcohol, caustic)
  • Only handle with gloves (free of grease)
  • Take the desired safety precautions
  • Caustic bath
    • 40 grams NaOH per 1 liter of water
    • Plus eventually 10 grams KOH per liter water
    • Galvanized iron wire (chicken mesh) as support under the parts
    • Pour boiling water through small opening
    • Parts are completely covered with caustic fluid
    • Leave closed for at least 24 hours
  • Caustic steam
    • Remove the caustic fluid to below the support mesh (see below)
    • Hang coils or plates if necessary ('surgical' work, see below)
    • 'Aligning' with multimeter (see below)
    • Seal box airtight
    • Warm up to approx. 50°C (to initiate humidity), keep warm
    • Repeat alignment 4 times in the first 24h
    • Do not open the box again until you need the parts, keep warm (min. 4 days, better months)
      (For a particularly intensive coating, hot steam can be applied by refilling the box with caustic powder and adding boiling water. This time only fill in as much water as is necessary to nearly reach the bottom of the mesh, if parts are placed on the mesh. Place the lid on the box except for a small opening at the corner while pouring the water into the box. Caustic steam with new NaOH can also be repeated several times for perfection)
  • Drying (here the growth of the nano layers stops)
    • Open a small corner of the container, 24h
    • A larger opening of the lid, min. 24h
    • A slow adaptation to the air environment (previously caustic steam) is better.
  • Cleaning
    • During the drying process, crystalline deposits (white) of NaOH are formed on the parts.
    • Clean the parts very carefully to avoid damage to the nano layer, in water several times.
      Only with 2 fingers touch tenderly at one end. Do not hit anywhere while cleaning.
      If the parts are very dry, a soft brush can be used under water.
    • If nano parts are stored, it is best to store them in a slightly damp environment (humidor).

The parts for this setup were coated for 32 to 42 days.


I use the same nano coating method for zinc. Perhaps You should avoid KOH due to the even higher temperature.
For me, this also works with plates and coils that are made of D-battery zinc and have approx. 0,4 mm thickness.

I can already hear some people saying: "I put the stuff in a zip bag with a few sprinkles of Caustic and put it in the sun for 1 day. Then it is black too".
I would like to answer with Mr.Keshe's sentence: "Not everything that is black is also a nano coating".
Such a cold nano coating has some of the properties of a nano coating, but is fundamentally different. This process is neither taught by Mr. Keshe nor is it mentioned.
A high, abrupt heat increase (reaction of NaOH with boiling water) is crucial for the process. This is also the case when fire coating. A 'purification' (elevation) of matter (to nano) by fire is well known, also from alchemy. Or in the simple sentence "To harden the body through the fire of the will".


Nano coating impressions 5-Cup setup

caustic bath zinc

caustic steam zinc

caustic bath copper

heat isolated box

heat isolated box

caustic steam copper

caustic bath copper & iron

caustic bath copper & zinc


A rarely seen possibility to reduce the caustic liquid after the bath to a small amount (below the supporting mesh).


It is advantageous to leave the coating parts in their environment between caustic bath and steam coating. Therefore pouring out is not possible. With a syringe it takes a long time.

The process is called 'syphoning' and was introduced a few years ago in the Keshe plasma reactor group.

In general, once exposed to the atmosphere environment, the parts should not be touched or moved (if possible).
To suspend the parts for the steam coating process, gently grasp one end of the parts once.
Imagine handling a freshly painted surface :)


Nano coating of Iron:

In cup-5 of this setup, the cup of the 'soul of the planet', an iron coil is used which has to be nano coated. It was my first attempt to coat iron. On some pictures you can see that I exposed it together with other parts to the same process as the copper. So hot bath with NaOH and KOH, then steam.
Since I was not sure if this would work, I coated a second iron coil with fire.
Here are the results:

Caustic bath hot, NaOH and KOH

The coil has hardly changed color after the procedure, and a measurement in the 20 MOhm range indicates electrical continuity. In this case the display shows '0.00'. There is no nano coating present.

Fire coating

After the procedure the coil has a very pleasing surface in anthracite color, so it has become darker and more matt. A measurement in the 20 MOhm range shows no electrical continuity. In this case the display shows '1'. This indicates a good nano coating.


For the fire coating I have brought the coil, in direction of plasma flow, to maximum possible temperature with my gas burner. When the whole coil was hot I heated the coil from the starting point until the highest possible annealing color was reached on about 5 turns. More than 5 turns could not be brought to this temperature at the same time.
Then slowly move the tip of the flame (blue) towards the end so that the remaining turns experience the same glow color and duration of glow.
With my combination of wire and torch about 1150°C were possible, in the chart on the right between yellow and light yellow. This seems to be sufficient according to the measurement shown above, maybe even less temperature would be enough.

Update: Mr. Keshe has recently stated that for caustic coating of iron, he embeds the coil virtually all around in NaOH and a large amount of KOH. Then pour on hot water. To be tried ... (and does the box withstand this heat?)


Nano coating 'alignment'

'Alignment' of the nano coating after the first exposure to air. The measurable mV values fluctuate from positive voltage (left picture) to negative voltage (right picture) and back again.
Positive and negative are the visible parts of the balancing field of the nano coating. Positive = magnetical, negative = gravitaional.
The (measurable) energy contained in the formed part is conducted in one direction of flow, towards a 'demand' (load). In this case it is the multimeter with its resistance for the 200mV range.
This conditioning of flow direction immediately after the bath (liquid --> gas) aligns the 'space gaps' in the nano-layer in which the plasma flows. Four repetitions in the first 24h are recommended to reach the lowest, first layers.
A uniform, deep black starts at about 30'000 layers of nano paticles.
After 24h the priority of keeping the container closed seems to be higher than an advantage from further alignment.
When opening the box for the drying process you are free to re-align once again.
Other than that: Keep the box closed airtight, warmth (20°-70°C), possibly sun, let it sit in peace :)

Coils are aligned from beginning to end according to the flow direction of the plasma.

In general, it is possible to align in all 3 dimensions, especially with plates.
Parallel to the surface a super conductor for plasma is created, 90° to it we have a super insulator.
Therefore you can also touch a nano wire through which a voltage of 230V flows, - if the nano coating is good :)

Better suited for testing than your nervous system is an ohm meter to measure resistance, as was previously done with milli volts.
Values > 20 MOhm should be present.


The parts for this setup were coated for 32 to 42 days.


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Positioning (mounting) of the system

I decided in favour of a free-hanging positioning of the 5 cups. The following were some of the reasons:

  • Nearly no matter surrounds the cups, min. distortion of the fields
  • Movable, portable, for hanging up
  • Finely adjustable distances
  • As well horizontally positionable for 'servicing'
  • I had everything needed at home

As shown in the pictures, the cup is held under the thread by a cotton cord and connected to the next cup by two vertical cords. In two places an easy separation is possible by unhooking a hook. The cotton cord has a diameter of 3 mm and is also used for Macramé.

The free space between the cups is adjusted as follows:

  • Cup 5 - Cup 4: 6,5 cm
  • Cup 4 - Cup 3: 13 cm
  • Cup 3 - Cup 2: 6,5 cm
  • Cup 2 - Cup 1: 10 cm

(together forming the planet)
(change to human)
(together forming the physicality)
(belongs to physicality, but not necessarily)

One could also say that there is a smaller distance between the solar plexus and the heart than from the heart to the head.
The planet (Cup-4/5) can be removed by a hook, as well as the soul (Cup-1) from the physicality (Cup-3/4).
Cup-4 and 5 are smaller than the soul and the planet.


Above the first cup there is a suspension made of wooden battens, which holds the two vertical cords. From the uppermost cup I used four cords for suspension to stabilize the tendency to tilt.
All wooden parts are fire coated.

It is necessary to choose the right level of the battens to take the load of the cups and to suspend them upwards to ensure that the battens are pressed together by the weight, not separated by it.

One leg is slightly longer and has an 8 mm hole at the end to fit a round rod. This vertical round rod serves as a loose stabilization of the 'spine coil'.


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Spine coil

The main nano line that connects all 5 cups I call the 'Spine'.
In this design I have focused on a general symmetry in the connection between the cups. One could imagine that the tap-off points represent equal positions in a standing wave.

Due to the relatively long transmission line of 81 cm, one would have losses with a straight plasma line in comparison to a coil, which further amplifies the plasma.

If I am free in the choice of design, then I choose dimensions that can be reduced to '9'. This creates a harmony between the single components which should work as one together.
The 9 has as foundation the 3, so the 3 and the 6 are also harmonic to each other and to the 9. This behaves as tritium is 3 times hydrogen and deuterium is 2 times hydrogen.
These are universal conditions which are well suited for a universal device.

The wiring of the individual cups also has same wire lengths.


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The Cups


mounts for coils and plates








The wiring of the metals of Cup-2/3 is the only one made of stranded copper wire to introduce physicality or the matter state into it.
There are as well the uncoated metals in these cups.
(of course the copper strand has no contact to the metal ring when in use)

In the picture the central nano coils, which are directly connected to the 'spine', are not yet included.


The picture shows the nano wiring as used for Cup-1/4/5.
The wires of the two outer parts are brought together and connected by the 'bridge-coil' to the center coil in the cup.

Regarding the 'bridge-coil' refer to next section.


As you can see in the picture on the right, the two cups for the physicality are chosen in a smaller size.
This is based on an intuition and can be explained by the fact that the physicality represents the weaker plasma compared to the soul and the planet.


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Bridge coil

The 'bridge-coil' replaces the connection wire between the central coil and the two outer parts of cups 1, 4 and 5 and of course will be nano coated too.
Even a simple connection wire represents a required 'resistance' on the plasma level.
The 'bridge-coil' shown here was not part of a teaching.
This connection represents the complement on the matter (wire) level to the plasmatic connection in the cup.
The cooperation with the coils in the cup corresponds approximately to an R/C element or RLC oscillating circuit in electronics.
By changing the wire with its (plasmatic) resistance we also change the relation, the ratio to the cup.
The bridge has 7 turns, with the middle one stretched out for the central tap-off to the spine. Therefore both left and right are 3 turns each.
A similar function and connection method is used for the MaGrav when the capacitors are installed and a plasmatic connection between 'in' and 'out' is established.
Again there is a 'ratio' between the turns of the capacitors and the turns of the MaGrav coils.


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(doped with 2)
0.9 %
66,6% sea salt coarse, refined
33,3% MgCl
0,9 %
sea salt coarse, refined
0,9 %
sea salt unrefined
(doped with 5)
3,6 %
Himalayan salt
(doped with 4)
3,6 %


Loading sequence: Cup - 5 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 3




Completed, hanging 5-Cup System





The bottom cup has about 4 cm distance to the floor, the setup is temporarily positioned in the center of the dojo. There is hardly any elongation of the cords by the weight of the filled cups.
Approx. 1 day after the filling (pictures above), a distinct clouding could be seen in the water of Cup-2 and Cup-3.
In Cup-4, a pattern was visible on the surface along the wall of the jar.

A few hours and a first meditation later, Cup-4 was the most active and clouded.
The Cup visible in its entirety in the picture below is Cup-4.




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The cups after 4 weeks of interaction


Cup - 1
Cup - 2
Cup - 3
Cup - 4
Cup - 5


During the first two weeks I felt it was appropriate to handle the newly built system as if it were a newborn baby. It may sound strange, but that's the way it is :) During interactions with the system (meditation in front of it) I shared my plasma field strengths as well as positive emotions with the system, with my wishes the cups should connect with each other and let the fields grow.
After about two weeks later, I used different circuits of giving and receiving between me and the system, without any specific demand what to receive.
Again one or two weeks later I would say, the system had 'grown' and was ready for any fun.

Cup - 4 has produced a pattern on the inside of the glass wall. This was also seen at the Cup-4 at the Exhibition in Linz, but in the '5-Cup System of Matter'. The glass is clean and no GaNS was whirled up until then:

Rather roundish, drop-shaped deposits on the glass. Rather angular, crystalline deposits on the glass (matter setup).

In Cup-1 (soul of the man) is hardly any GaNS visible even after more than 2 months. A very fine layer seems to be present, because you can see a small circle in the centre of the glass on the bottom (approx. 15mm ¢).




The experiment with the GaNS container is described in the picture.
I would like to add, that before the 5-cup system was at this positioin, the GaNS in harvest containers settled normally. Even if the containers were closer to the MaGrav's and the star formation (the green area in the picture).

(Click image for bigger version)

The GaNS that does not settle in the harvest container was still very salty.


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Regarding the style of creating, whether 'butcher or surgeon' style, I would like to say that both approaches can have their appropriate time and situation.
If you find yourself in an emergency in which rapid progress prevents worse things from happening, you would prefer to forego 20% efficiency and accept a less attractive appearance, but be ready on time.
On the other hand, I understand 'surgical' to mean using all 99 rules of the art that are available to you, as well as all the skills you have and can acquire in the work ahead.
Apart from the emergency, there is no justifiable reason to carry out activities that are not purely material other than as best as possible. From personal knowledge, the following are mostly responsible: laziness, wrong priority of the time factor, fear of mistakes, too little self-confidence, wrong interpretation of 'the easiest way is the best way'.
None of these are properties of the soul, but we want to carry out our actions, thoughts and words from the soul.
As Mr. Keshe says, “we are measured by the children of our souls”, and as the image of the creator, we want to put 100% into our creations.