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  Key topics 324th KSWS Building Instructions - Application
  Cup of Man and the Soul of totality Technical Backgrounds
  Social issues, causes and effects

Key topics (subjective) with time reference of 324th KSWS

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0h13' Spaceship earth – Shielding against outside energy (virus).
  a) physical protection (GaNS), or
  b) Transformation of energies (body -> Soul -> body) at 0h22'.
  The Soul encircles the body and protects -> 'inter-atomic fusion'
  Expansion of the Soul
0h26' The 3 cups
  How to connect the physicalities and the souls (at 0h31').
  We connect the soul of physicality to the soul of the man.

  The Cup of Man is a reference point to connect, to give what you need.
Physical body is weak, this results in disorder. Use the reference point.
0h34' To change a condition, you move out, change the strength of the field, go back in and take a
new physical dimension in respect to the reference point.
0h37' How you do it:
  The day of judgment is in your soul. To cleanse the physicality of crimes and viruses.
  Stand in front of the 'Cup of Man'. Same orientation of Cup and of man in front of it.
  The Cup of Man is in tune and in balance with you (at 0h43').
0h46' Now set the cups in the structure of your physicality (vertical), or of your death (horizontal).
  Leaving the physical body to see your physical self from outside.
  Fix it from outside.
  You carry the body within your soul now, that you never see the end, which is death that
doesn't exist.--> Resurrection in physicality (at 0h52'), after the pain of crucifixion of
physicality (by virus or other things).
  This shows the strength of the man.
0h56' Where you want to place it and position it.
  a) The pain for transformation (upright cross), or ...
  b) Understanding and innovation (diagonal cross)

  ... to achieve the same
  You can only give the 2 cups, the connection is up to their (others) Soul.
  In the process of interacting of the 2 souls, there is the Soul of totality.
  "In the neck, in the structure of the heart" is the position of this field strength (totality).
  If you feel the love in heart of Man, called Solar, is still physicality.
  If you feel the love of your OWN soul and the creator, you feel in the center of the soul.
1h04' Do I need to drink or to breath ....
  you don't have to worry about any feeling if in the center of your Soul.

  A = Soul of the man
  B = Physicality of man
  C = Soul of the Cup
  D = Soul of the physical Cup
  You need to find a balance through the others.
  a) C and D supports B
  b) A supports B
  (Remark: I suppose 'C and D support A' is also the case, but it was not said)
  The total human soul of mankind wants to walk out of this cross of pain and suffering. And
resurrect without any pain.
  2 choices:
  a) you can stay on the cross and go to total demise, or ...
  b) collectively as a knowledge seeker walk the man off the cross
1h14' You can get off the roller coaster of physical life. Of life and death.
1h23' The elevation of soul that can lead to separation from physicality in abusive people.
  Like so called “Illuminati, B.Gates, Rothschild Family, Royal Families, World leaders and
those who thought to be elite of society.”
  “The day of judgment comes by the elevation and not by the exclusion of the physicality.”
1h39' Life is easy anywhere in the universe. But no one ever, anywhere in the universe goes to
work except on this planet. No one ever works to live, or has killed to survive.
  The point of maturity of the souls will come through the souls, not the physicality.
1h44' Backpackers of the universe
2h39' Center mixture of planet earth. We need bring balance, a reference point.
  A new level. All start from a new, peaceful dimension.

  No room for Rothschild and other so called Illuminati.
  We reached this new balance point by field interactions around Jan. 2018.
  You can not do it over night.
3h38' The soul lives in the level of fields, there is no vibration or frequency to it.
  The coupling of fields.
  Posture changes with elevation of the soul.
4h00' The Motor sits in the Solar. Play the game of life. Travel 1000 years and come back or to an
other planet.
  Travelers of light.
  The Cup of Man is a transition point until you learned how to do with your own soul.


Thank you, Mr.Keshe



The 'Cup of Man' and the 'Soul of totality' - a reflection

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In the 324th Knowledge Seeker Workshop, on the one hand, teaching was steered in a new direction, away from physical treatment of the corona virus by Cup-1 or Cup-2, to the synthesis of these two, the Cup of Man, which communicates with the soul of man. The apparent Problems of the lower level of physicality thus become merely an illusion.

On the other hand, the same teaching has the purpose of elevating the soul.
We have received some indications about the prerequisites as well as the methods.
However, it has been left to the intuition of each individual to find the appropriate way, the appropriate structure by itself, guided by the own soul.
But, if you like to, we can share our views and experiences and I would begin with a few observations related to the topic on this page.

Let's start with something given by Mr. Keshe.

We identify 3 points in the human being (drawn in yellow):

  • Soul of Man (the highest level, the creator, the individual as creator)
  • Point of balance (this is the virtual center which develops through the interaction of two other points. This position depends on the position of the other 2 centres).
  • Soul of Physicality (compared to the Soul of Man, the lesser centre of physicality)


Model - 1


  • Soul of Man Center of the head
  • Soul of Physicality Heart

This determines the position of the point of balance:

  • Point of balance Throat Center

This 'point of balance' is actually the determining field strength for our consciousness as long as we live in a material environment. The positions and the interaction of these centers are both the cause of our level of consciousness on which we can experience and act, as well as the representation of it.
This 'point of balance' has also been given its terminus technicus (designation) by Mr.Keshe:

"Soul of totality"



It is time now to become a little more specific, what this actually signifies for the individual.

To do this we can utilize the accumulated knowledge of the knowledge seekers of the past millennia. Luckily. Just as our accumulated knowledge will one day be referred to.
Our ancestor knowledge seekers were also spread all over the world, and the majority of the knowledge was taught in the esoteric, not for the masses intended branches of religions, or in orders and lodges. The idea was that the masses could not use this connection in a positive way at that time.
The findings of these different systems are largely congruent, although the different perspectives allow for an individual presentation of what is always that same. Just as every human being represents an individual representation of the always same One.
Personally, I can confirm this for the areas of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and the Kaballah, as well as for areas that combine those teachings such as Thelema or Ninjutsu.
Other people have other areas to relate to this.

Now what does it mean when the seat of the 'Soul of Totality' is located at the throat?
Our ancestors worked out this system:

Chakra System Interaction of the two Centers

At the intersection of the infinity loop we find a centre in light blue denoted with 'Throat' and the name 'Vishuddha'.

I would like to ask the Knowledge Seeker to seek the knowledge about this Center. This cannot be done here and is available in many ways, on the Internet and in books.

Link to get started, in English
Link to get started, in German

Only something fundamental shall be said about it here. This realm of Vishuddha is beyond the illusion of duality. It is also called 'the Void', vacuumfield, Akasha, the Ether, the Quintessence and in other contexts 'spirit' or Love.

I would like to say clearly, as a not very materialistically living person, this is a high aim!

... which is of course to be striven for. And we know that Mr. Keshe always aims high.
As knowledge seekers, we have in the past mostly not reached these high aims, such as to use the MaGrav energy device disconnected from the grid or to use the space Positioning of reactors (lift). According to Mr. Keshe this should be possible for us since long ago.
Why is that? Does it perhaps have something to do with model-2 explained now?


Model – 2

Model - 1 Model - 2

In the comparison of the two models we see that the soul of physicality now comes to be located on a center called 'lower Dantien'.
The heart from Model-1 can also be found in this view, as the 'middle Dantien'.
And the center of the 'Soul of Man' is also there, called 'upper Dantien'.

These 3 Dantien are 'centers of balance' taught in Taosimus. The 'lower Dantien' is known in Buddhism as the 'Hara'.
The name perhaps is known in the context of 'Hara-Kiri', whereby Kiri means the cut and Hara-Kiri the cutting of the Hara. The Japanese traditional release of the soul from the body, called Seppuku.
The Hara is not found in the usual depictions of the chakra system as in Model-1.
These depictions are mainly based on Hindu scriptures and dominate the pseudo-esoteric new age community.
The knowledge about the 'Hara' is withheld from the public in certain systems.


For the somewhat more experienced knowledge seekers a further access to it from
plasma physics:

(if too technical, just read on below the box ... :)
The highest plasmatic field strength lies in the 'Soul of Man' in the centre of the head. Downwards towards the feet, or earth, the field strength becomes weaker and weaker, following the course of the spiral (see picture). At the centers that we call chakras, the different areas of field strength come to manifestation. The further away the fundamental plasma in the head is, the greater the gradient or potential difference.
We know that a high potential difference results in a strong plasma flow. The same if we fill two health patches, one with 10ml, the other with 50ml. We have a 5:1 ratio which represents the energy of the plasma flow.
If the potential difference becomes too high when the soul rises (elevation of the soul), the difference gets so high that one can physically reach the limits of being able to handle the energy flow well. Since we are much closer to the fundamental plasma in the heart center, it is much easier to physically participate in the growth of the soul.
It is therefore very helpful if we elevate the physicality too and adapt it to the high field strengths.
For this purpose suitable (among other things): Tai Chi, Ki Gong, Yoga, traditional martial arts.


The Hara or lower Dantien is / was the seat of our consciousness when we are in balance.
The Hara is called 'the ONE point'. To experience it in balance has been the goal of the Masters for the last 2000 years. The masters of spiritual arts and martial arts have sought to keep their consciousness centered on this level, but also in this place in the lower abdomen.
This was and is an art, because true balance, on whatever level, is an art.
But here we compare levels of this art.

Here the Hara is named 'Balance point'

My point with these two models is that Mr.Keshe takes for granted that the 'Soul of Physcality' is in the heart. In model-2 the intersection of the interaction is in the heart, but the center of physicality is deeper, in the Hara.


* Neither model is wrong, it is individually suitable or not. *


And Mr. Keshe has given the following minimal hint:

Quote: "In the neck, in the structure of the heart" is the position of this field strength (totality).

In one sentence, both clearly separated regions are mentioned. Perhaps for the reason I am describing here? That we are all different. That there cannot be given a generally applicable building instruction for the Cup-3. That we cannot decide for someone else how to build it. Use your intuition!


Which of the two models for the 'Cup of Man' suits me?

It would be my wish that this document could be used for one's own determination of position. For an honest reflection about oneself, to be able to construct Cup-3 'cup of man' accordingly and to have the best possible connection with it.

The individuum who already holds his consciousness (mostly) in the heart center can manifest his 'Soul of totality' in the Void, in the Akasha.

The individuum who holds his consciousness (mostly) in the Hara can manifest his 'Soul of totality' in the heart, as a shining sun.

Both are wonderful and a further gift from Mr.Keshe, to simplify or accelerate this natural evolutionary process of developing consciousness through the 'Cup of Man'. When it is understood and designed according to one's own soul.
If we are tempted to see ourselves anyway as a 'heart man' with a lot of feeling of course, a Cup-3 will emerge that (perhaps) does not correspond to our own condition. In the best case it will not be able to do anything for us, it is more likely that we will clearly get to sense the misjudgement.
An introspection, an examination of the 'shadow self' as defined by C.G.Jung is inevitable. Only the truth counts, nothing is bad or evil that we discover in ourselves. Everything is part of the field strengths of the universe. Be honest and objective towards yourself!


Mr. Keshe is right with Model-1 because:

  • His 'Soul of Physicality' resides in his heart
  • There are other people for whom this is also the case
  • He lives in the Now, and to us since now 116 years into the Aeon of Horus the realm of the heart is open, to build the life on it.
    Quote Mr.Keshe: "A new level. All start from a new, peaceful dimension."
    But the outside world is still largely based on the 2000 year old tradition of the Aeon of Osiris, with the associated Center of the Hara.

It is no coincidence that in the same workshop the topic of 'hanging on the cross of matter' is addressed:

Mr. Keshe: "You carry the body WITHIN your soul now, that you never see the end, which is
death that doesn't exist.

The Aeon of the dying and resurrecting gods is over. Osiris was shattered and reassembled, Jesus died on the cross and then has resurrected.
On this 'new' level of consciousness we realize that there is only transformation, no beginning and end. Just like every other energy can only be transformed and not destroyed. Or as the spiral shows, with two points in the infinite large and infinite small.

Mr. Keshe: "The total human soul of mankind wants to walk out of this cross of pain and suffering and resurrect without any pain"
  2 choices:
  a) "you can stay on the cross and go to total demise, or ...
  b) collectively as a knowledge seeker walk the man off the cross"

It is our obligation at this time to come down from this cross. If we dare to leave the child's world of the dualistic and finite concept.

A few points that can help you to determine whether the Hara or the Heart centre is dominant:

Hara Consciousness Heart Consciousness
  • You use a large part of your awake time
    to earn money or to consolidate your
    power and position.
  • You think a direct wage for work is
  • You think issuing or receiving
    instructions is normal.
  • If you can't find anything positive in the
    passing of a loved one.
  • If you feel the love in the heart of the
    person (Keshe quote).
  • If your life consists of individual parts,
    such as work, leisure, holidays, family,
  • If you think guilt or a guilty person exists
  • If you believe in the concept of morality
    and sin.
  • If manipulation is a means to achieve a
    positive goal.
  • your examples ....
  • You are doing the work that your soul
    desires to do and is representing an
    expansion of consciousness.
  • You know that the universe gives you
    what you really need.
  • You know that there's only a together
    among equals.
  • If you are able to feel happy for the
    deceased about his newly won freedom.
  • If you feel the love of your OWN soul
    and the creator (Keshe).
  • If you follow the flow of life and meet
    everything that is appropriate at its
    proper time.
  • If you know that this is cause and effect.
  • You have pursued ethics (ethos) and free
    will with love.
  • If you value truth higher than achieving a
    given goal.
  • your examples ...

Hardly anyone will find themselves on one side or the other in all points.
You can also sometimes behave like this and another time differently.
This is not a statistical test! However, the comparison opens up questions that give you insights into yourself.


A few more lines about the 'Hara' Center

Below the Hara, in position as well as in field strength, are the following Centers

  • Muladhara Wurzel Chakra tailbone region
  • Swadishana Sexual Chakra genital region

These two Centers are contrasting each other, but also balancing.

Muladhara represents the energies of the earth, which are directed by Swadishana into individual areas and channels of use. One could also say simplyfied, it is the constant balancing act between life-support and wish / lust fulfillment.
When we have managed to bring these lower field strengths into balance, the Hara as the central communication point takes over the work of these lower 3 levels.
Here the first experience of the insight, that the duality experienced before was an illusion takes place. The Hara or 'lower Dantien' is the first center where we can experience unity. Especially the unity with nature, which is connected to us by the root chakra.
We develop visible abdominal breathing, a feeling of warmth in the lower abdomen, and a storage of 'chi' energy that can be directed through Swadhistana and perform many seeming miracles.

On this basis, the desire and urge to experience this oneness on a higher level becomes stronger and stronger and we are attracted to the light of the heart chakra, the middle Dantien, which enables us to find a new state of balance.
This is then much closer to the soul of the human being, but further away from where we come from, from a dualistic, material thinking.
Gravitational force pulls from light, magnetical force pushes us away from the negative phenomena of matter.

To dare and achieve this next step is the purpose of the 'Cup of Man' and
the purpose of this Aeon. ON-HA!



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