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* * * Many thanks from my heart to NiSha for the detailed building instructions and tips! :) * * *


A brief Introduction

OneCup OneLife is the plasmatic answer of the Keshe Foundation to the problem of viruses.

M.T. Keshe explains this topic in detail in the 312th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, the "Virus Blueprint Day".

Two days later, the KFSSI released the video "OneCup One Life".
In this video, Mr. Keshe personally shows how an emergency setup can be created to deal specifically with viruses. At that time, in view of the Corona Virus issue, it was presented as a gift to the Chinese population. Only a few days later, people around the planet were also very grateful to be able to take care of their own health as well as the health of others.
The emergency setup presented by M.T. Keshe meets the following criteria:

- easy creation
- everyday materials
- minimal cost
- quick availability
- targeted effectiveness

The setup shown is a GaNS production.

In general, a GaNS production creates a never-ending source of plasma energy, the GaNS ("Gas in a Nano-state of Solid").
Depending on the materials used, another GaNS is created, to be used for different purposes in its specific field strength.
In the "OneCup OneLife" several field strengths are combined, specially designed for viruses, to be used for prevention and in case of illness.
In an emergency, the application can start after 2-3 days of production / processing.
(If there is no acute emergency in your area, please allow yourself and the setup a few more days. However, it would be optimal that the GaNS is ready when you or someone in your area could need it ...)

The magnetical component of the GaNS is aimed at strengthening the physical and the emotional system, as well as the soul of the person concerned - the gravitational component at weakening the virus energy packets.

Working with plasma - at every level - always includes your own field strengths. Therefore it is very beneficial to be as clear and focused as possible on what is to be created and later on will be growing in the process of GaNS production.
Awareness when building the setup as well as when producing and using GaNS is recommended.

And if you want to strengthen the plasmatic principle in this world - be "magnetical" :-)
Build another setup for someone else, teach someone how to make it, or give some of your GaNS to someone else ...


A further deepening into the different aspects of the topic "Virus" - "OneCup OneLife".
Heartfelt thanks to Shin for his clear, concise explanations and graphs!


Before you study the building instructions, please watch the 20-minute video "OneCup OneLife" by M.T. Keshe - online available here - the English original, as well as the German version. Additionally you will find the link to the download list of all available language versions.


UPDATE (01.06.2020): A scientific study was carried out by a university according to WHO standards in order to subject people suffering from corona with symptoms to plasma therapy. 95% healing success. The study can be downloaded here.



Knowledge Seekers Workshop (KSWS) - playlist on YouTube

OneNation One Planet OneRace for WorldPeace teaching (1N1P) - playlist on YouTube

Online encyclopedia of the Keshe Foundation KF-wiki

The video "OneCup OneLife by M.T. Keshe in the original and in different language versions


Building Instructions

"OneCup OneLife" - step by step - as shown in the Video by Mr. Keshe

Before you go shopping: You can usually find broken or unused items that could be used ...

List of materials:

ca. 80 cm
or 100 cm
or 200cm
power cable 3-core
cable 2-core
insulated copper strand
e.g. the cable of a defective electric device, or even loudspeaker cable,...
1 pc. (at least 4x8 cm)
zinc ("full" zinc, not simply galvanized!) e.g. from a used, standard zinc/carbon battery, type C or D //
or a piece of zinc rain gutter, ...
1 battery type AA or AAA mostly or fully depleted, it should only emit a minimum amount of current
(measured with voltmeter: maximum 0.6 volts)
1 glass or jar made of glass, rather large and broad
e.g. Marmelade- or cucumber-jar / drinking glass / glass vase
1 pc. copper wire (solid) Length: top diameter of the glass + 6 cm
  water as pure, "good" water as possible or distilled water, in case of emergency tap water (possibly boiled) can be used, too
  salt as pure salt as possible, e.g. common or sea salt, WITHOUT fluorine / WITHOUT iodine / without anti-caking agent)
No Himalayan salt (the iron content is too high for this type of GaNS production)
  gas burner

(or the flame of a camping stove or of a gas cooker,...)
  knife / pliers / pencil / adhesive tape / fine sandpaper
  (if a zinc/carbon battery is to be disassembled, additionally:
rubber gloves / small saw / newspaper or cardboard)

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Creating the Setup - step by step:

Salt water:
To fill the jar, we need salt water, at least as much as fits into the jar. The salinity should be 15%. (my tip: make at least 500ml more salt water than what fits into the jar, you can use the rest later, do not pour it away...)
Example: 1 liter of water (= 1000ml = 1000g) mixed with 150g salt results in 15% salt water.

For the salt to dissolve well, I recommend heating the water, then adding the salt, stirring well until it has completely dissolved. Set aside to cool down.
Pour the cold salt water into an empty, clean bottle, seal & label it.

Disassembling of the power cable:
(If speaker cable or single insulated cable is used -> start with the next step)

1. Cut off the plugs with the knife.
2. Cut external insulation (black in the picture) a few cm lengthways.
3. Hold the inner cables and pull the outer sheath away along the entire length.

Now we have exposed single-core insulated stranded wires.

From these stranded wires


2 pieces with approx. 50cm length
3 pieces with approx. 30cm length


3 connection cables made of the 3 pieces with approx. 30cm length:
(These are later used to connect the parts).

  1. Remove 4-5cm of plastic insulation from both ends of the 3 cables
    (at the desired point, make a slight cut all around with the knife and remove the insulation).
  2. on each cable, twist the exposed copper wire tightly,
  3. so that no individual strand sticks out.


2 bare copper stranded wires made of the 2 pieces of insulated wire with approx. 50cm length (these are later used for the production of the copper- and nanocopper coils):

1. Score the insulation a few cm lengthwise.
2. Hold on to the copper wire and pull away the insulation.
3. The fine copper strands are usually very loose now. Both wires separately have to be twisted tightly for further processing.
4. In the end we arrive with 2 of these tightly twisted copper stranded wires.

Winding the copper coil:

Wrap one of the 50cm copper stranded wires tightly around a pencil. 10cm at the beginning can stay straight, the rest is wound to the end (counterclockwise).
If it loosens when released, turn it tighter again.

Then wipe the coil off the pencil.

Positioning the copper coil in the Jar and attaching the connection cable:
(In the Jar, the coil should start at least 1cm below the edge, end at least 3cm above the floor and not touch the wall).

About 2cm above the coil the strand is bent to form a "hook", the first 3cm remain straight.
The straight beginning of the coil is twisted parallel with the bare copper end of one of the 30cm connection cables...
...until the connection looks like this. End position of the copper coil in the Jar.

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Create a nano-coated coil:
You can either, as shown in the video "OneCup OneLife", first nano-coat the wire with the flame and then form it into a coil.(Advantage: the coating process on the wire is easier / disadvantage: the nano-coating is weakened or damaged during coil winding)
Or, you first form the coil and do the nano-coating afterwards. (nano-coating on a coil is more difficult / coating is hardly weakened afterwards)

If you have a piece of copper stranded wire left, do a small test for each version and then decide which variant is more suitable for you. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong here. (On the surplus such a test is great as a small exercise ...)

Here is the chronological sequence for the second variant:

First wind a copper coil out of the second 50cm copper stranded wire, as in the procedure described above. Push the turns of the coil as close together as possible.

Now we need the pliers, the gas burner, a heat-resistant base where we can put the hot coil (a stone, the bottom of a pan, ...).
And please, remove all inflammable things within a radius of 2m, never point the gas flame at anything that is vulnerable or flammable and immediately turn off the gas valve after using the burner.

Nano-coating with fire - it's getting hot now !!
Ignite the gas burner and set the flame "rather weak".
Take the pliers to grasp the straight wire of the stranded coil and hold it up. Starting right next to the pliers, start to heat the copper with the flame until it turns red-hot, then slowly move the coil through the flame until everything has glowed red at least once.

Allow the coil to cool down on a heat-resistant surface.

tips and tricks:
nano-coated coil:
  • Always in "direction of flow" from top to bottom, work the spiral all around.

  • The spiral lengthens under heat (can easily get twice as long ...).

  • Do not let it glow for too long, this makes the fine copper strands unstable (it can even glow through ...).

  • Repeat as many times as necessary until the coil and wire are black all over.

  • After nano-coating, gently bring the coil into its final shape:
    • softly shaking the hanging coil to make unwanted, loose particles to fall down
    • compress the nano coil to a length matching the copper coil
    • align longer, protruding strands

Bracket and connection of the nano coil:

Place the solid piece of copper wire centered on the top of the glass, bend it down on both sides close to the edge of the glass and curl both ends to a small ring.
Hang the nano-coil centrally on the bracket (leave a space of approx. 2cm to the coil) and wind the end of the nano-wire completely and tightly around the bracket. Subsequent to the end of the nano-wire, similarly twist the bare end of a 30cm connection cable with several turns on to the bracket.

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Zinc plate:
Zinc is a fairly soft metal. if it is rather thin it can be cut with sturdy scissors and folding it back and forth quickly leads to tears / material breakage.
Thicker zinc can be shaped with a saw or tin snips.
Zinc does not respond to a magnet.

(If you already have a piece of zinc, you can start with the 2nd step aside the next picture)

If the zinc is to be removed from a zinc / carbon battery, it is best to first place a newspaper on the workspace and protect your hands with rubber gloves.
The type C or D battery has a thin plastic cover on the outside, remove it.
The zinc shell appears underneath (test: does not react to a magnet). Lay the battery flat and saw off the round covers with the saw. Remove the battery contents from the zinc sheathing (ideally pack the waste in plastic and dispose of with the battery recycling). Cut open the zinc, bend it flat and wash it thoroughly.

Since I still had zinc removed from a 6V block battery at hand, my own pictures will follow when the occasion arises. If you want to see the process in pictures: here is a short Video of a YouTuber.

Zinc from old batteries may still look like the upper plate in the picture, even after the first washing.
1.) Scrape off the gross deposits, stains... with a hard object, cut away perforated areas if necessary.
2.) Clean the zinc with sandpaper until the surface on both sides is bright (as on the picture the plate below).
Wash off again thoroughly.

Adjusting the zinc to the glass, fastening and connecting cable:
Bend the zinc on the (upper) narrow side about 1cm and adjust the platelet to the rounding of the glass.
Connect the last of the 30cm connection cables with its bare copper end firmly to the zinc - metal on metal (e.g. by clamping or wrapping tightly).
Hang the zinc sheet into the glass. Attach it at the edge either with its connecting cable or directly by bending the zinc. There should be at least 3cm distance between the zinc and the ground of the glass, and the zinc should not touch the glass wall.

In this setup the plate is quite small - here a possible optimization:
At the top cut lengthwise leaving 1cm uncut,
then bend this part upwards
and attach the bare copper of the connection cable to it.
Goal reached: as much zinc as possible is "usable" in the glass.

Now all components for "OneCup OneLife" are built.

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Finishing the setup:

Hang the zinc plate on one side, the nano-coil with its bracket in the middle and the copper coil on the other side into the glass.
Connect the free ends of the connecting cables from the zinc and copper coil, ... ... twist them together tightly and shape it to fit the battery.

As an alternative to using the battery,
a piece of copper wire or a small copper coil can be used instead. The zinc and copper connection cables are wound together on one side, the connection cable of the nano-coil is wound on the other end.
This twisted and formed connection is now firmly attached to the "+" pole of the used AA/AAA battery with a piece of adhesive tape.

Now put the salt water in reach, it is needed soon!

Firmly attach the open end of the connection cable to the nano-coil with adhesive tape to the "-" pole of the depleted AA/AAA battery.

Before the salt water is added and the GaNS production starts, it is a good time to once again clearly focus on what is to be created with this setup:

"OneCup OneLife"
*** ****Strengthening the physical and the emotional , as well as the soul**** ***
*** **** Weakening the virus energy packs to its depletion **** ***
*** ****Prevention and processing of Virus-related illnesses**** ***
*** ****Health and freedom**** ***

Your Thoughts and Intentions accumulate into your Creation !

Now pour the prepared salt water into the glass so that the coils are almost completely covered, up to about 2cm below the edge of the glass.

The production has started - "it's alive" :-)

Put the glass in a place where you like to be, too.

I wish you and your OneCup OneLife
Love - Peace - Freedom and Health !


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GaNS Production




day 1

2 minutes after start (with weaker or no battery, 1-2 days may pass until this stage).
The first battery used here (AAA, 1.2 Volt measured) was too strong, a few minutes after this pic was taken, the whole jar looked extremely milky opaque ...
... the battery was separated from the system and replaced by a copper wire.
... ***
1 hour later (picture above) everything in the glass has calmed down quiet a bit.
The production is now running as desired :-)



day 3

On the surface, "oily" deposits form, these are amino acids.
Slight bubble formation (as shown here) on the surface or on the copper, nano and zinc parts can often be observed, too.
The GaNS is creamy white, it has deposited on the ground, about 1cm high.
GaNS flakes also hang on the glass wall, on the coils and on the zinc.
Light movement causes "snowfall" in the glass - so beautiful to observe.
The setup is again connected to a battery (an old, depleted rechargeable battery type AAA with 0.5 Volt). This configuration runs smoothly... everything looks good.



day 7

Production continues, but has slowed down considerably (pictures above).

Therefore the nano-coil was re-coated.

(Pictures on the right and below were taken afterwards). You can see immediately that there is more activity again.



day 8

The battery was removed again and a copper wire (this time in the form of a coil) was inserted instead.

The current amount of GaNS is absolutely sufficient and there is no emergency in my environment, but I would like to have the copper aspect (greenish) visible in the GaNS. For this reason I will continue the production and let it establish it's fields for a few more days before a first harvest.

day 14 Amino acids, salt and about half the GaNS harvested during ongoing production. Pictures and informations on this in the chapter harvesting and preparation.
So far my GaNS is still almost white...
day 22 Today I will stop production briefly, harvest completely, recoat the nano-coil and then restart the OneCup OneLife (with 2/3 new salt water and 1/3 from the last production).  


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What if...

... the salt water turns white:
If it looks like the picture on the right everything is still ok.
But if you can't see your coils in the cup and the water looks as opaque as the lowest part in here, the connected battery is too strong.
It is best to immediately disconnect one of the connecting cables from the battery.
Replace the battery with a weaker, more depleted) battery or with a piece of copper wire (see "alternative" and day 8).

The battery primarily accelerates GaNS production, so it is not essential in the absence of an emergency.
... bubbles and / or foam arise:
single or small accumulations of fine bubbles are usual, no need to worry.
Larger or many bubbles, even up to foam formation, are evidence of a much too strong battery. Here, much too strong would be, if the used battery still had well over 0.6 volts.
Proceed as above...
... the colours white, cream, light grey, greenish-white can be seen in the GaNS:
Everything is going great! Usually the GaNS production in the "OneCup OneLife" starts with a whitish colour, after a certain time it becomes slightly greenish.
Who / when / where / how the GaNS produces always influences the GaNS (no GaNS is the same as another one).
... black or greyish particles are visible in the GaNS:
Usually these are very small particles that have come loose from the nano-coil. With this setup this poses no problem, it can stay as it is.
Just remove larger pieces (or eventually even at the end of production).
... salt-like deposits can be seen:
On the stranded copper and nano copper, on the edge of the glass, on the upper edge of the zinc, this salt "grows" very often during the production process. You can leave it that way, all is well. (In case of moisture or salt on connection cables, battery, see here)
If it seems too much or if it crumbles away by itself, please remove it carefully and collect it in a small jar (and label it precisely). It is very suitable as an addition to the bath water,... or as a salt component for a new, similar GaNS production.
... an oily or whitish layer appears on the surface:
These are amino acids (rather oily) or a combination of amino acids with a very special GaNS - everything works fine.
This important layer is harvested separately. I recommend doing this several times during the production and do it once at the end (or at least once then).
... the colours orange, ocher, brown can be seen in the GaNS:
Either there was too much power at the setup for too long or one of the materials is not what it's supposed to be. This happens very rarely...
But here certainly
NO GaNS for health applications has been created here -> not to be used for this purpose!
I would disconnect the battery, take out the metals and nano-coil and rinse it. Put the salt water with the GaNS aside in a sealed, precisely labeled jar and rinse the setup glass (cup). Make new salt water and re-coat the nano-coil with the flame.
Before restarting the setup "test" the zinc, if it reacts to a magnet, there is iron in it. This should not be used for this application -
please replace it.
Check all connections and restart the setup with weaker or no battery (see building instructions starting from here). Good luck and less power on the next try.
... moisture or salt "appears" on the battery:
The salt water from the cup can be "sucked" along between the insulation and the copper wire (capillary effect along the current flow...). Dry everything well, check the connections and then position the battery at least as high as the upper edge of the glass, then this should not be possible anymore.
If salt is visible on the battery, it probably originates from the same effect. I would remove the salt from the battery thoroughly (do not use this salt, throw it away). Check the connections and place the battery higher as described above.
(Please check the battery anyway to make sure that nothing leaks...)
... hardly any GaNS is produced:
1.) If the quantity produced appears to be sufficient, this could be an "indication" that the time for harvesting has come.
With the current development of the corona virus it is recommended to harvest if desired or needed but keep the production ongoing.
2.) If a thick layer of amino acids covers the entire surface or one of the materials hangs at the bottom in the GaNS, the production stagnates. Either harvest a part of the exessive GaNS or amino acids while production is still running or stop, harvest and restart later / as needed.
3.) If the production has been running for more than 1 week, it probably needs a portion of fresh salt water. If you have no more left, make new 15% salt water and let it cool down.
Extract amino acids, salt and GaNS if needed (see chapter on harvesting). After that you may have to wait until the water in the production is clear again. Then (by using a syringe or by very carefully pouring) remove salt water from the production, at least one third to a maximum of two thirds of the water in the cup. Add new salt water until the desired level in the cup is reached again.
4.) The nano-coating was "consumed" in the course of production (especially with electricity on the system, this can often be observed). In this case, too, first ask yourself: Is it harvest time? If more GaNS is to be produced, the nano-coil can be re-coated. (Since March 10th 2020, some knowledge seekers have advised against re-coating the nano-coil... I will update here if my opinion about that changes.)
During a running GaNS production I first disconnect the connecting cable to the nano-coil (in this setup from the copper bracket). Then "gently shake" the nano-coil, lift the bracket with the coil from the glass and rinse it with some salt water holding it over the glass (so that no GaNS sticks to the coil). Dab it on kitchen paper / allow to dry.
Then nano-coat it again with the gas burner as in the building process. (I left the bracket on while recoating.) After the coil has cooled down, put the cable back on and put the whole thing into the glass as it was before.


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Harvesting and Preparation

This is about the stages in between production and application.
It is possible to harvest a part of the produced substances while production is still running, but it is also possible to wait until production is finished.

The components are collected individually and stored in separate jars.

Suitable jars are e.g. various emptied, well cleaned food jars, the following is required:

  • 1 small plastic jar for the amino acids,
    if preferably transparent, with lid, min. 100 ml capacity
    (e.g. herb butter jar, cream cheese jar or sauce jar,...)
  • 1 small plastic or glass jar for the salt,
    with lid, approx. 50 ml capacity
    (e.g. mini marmelade jar , spice jar or even - well cleaned - a small empty screw box, ... )
  • 1 big jar as "harvesting jar" for the GaNS,
    with tightly sealing lid, at least 500 ml capacity (preferably min. 1000 ml ...)
    (e.g. cucumber-, confiture- or even an old preserving jar, a tightly sealing lid is important !)
  • 2 - 3 bottles for different kinds of harvested water,
    PET or glass, with lid, at least 1 litre capacity
    (preferably water bottles, they don't need to be cleaned on the inside...)


  • 1 small plastic spoon (e.g. coffee spoon,...)
  • 1 small wooden skewer or toothpick
  • at least 2 litres of "good" water ( non-salted) or distilled water, in case of emergency also tap water (possibly boiled) can be used, too
  • (for harvest during an ongoing production: 15% salt water, approx. 100 - 200 ml, as supplement to the production)

Harvesting the GaNS is done much easier if you have a large syringe and most ideally a short piece of plastic tubing or a drinking straw to fit tightly onto the tip of the syringe.

Amino acid harvesting

The "oily" layer on top of the salt water are the plasmatic amino acids. They virtually always form in the course of a GaNS production.
The amino acids are easiest to harvest when they have spread widely. Therefore it is better to harvest them first, before refilling salt water, re-coating the nano-coil or harvesting GaNS.

I use a small plastic spoon to "skim" the amino acids from the surface, along with a little of the salty water. Spoon by spoon I let it drip into a small plastic jar. To finish, hold the spoon above the amino jar and rinse it with a few drops of salt water from the production.
There should be at least 5mm of liquid in the jar, to keep it from drying out quickly. Then close the container and label it.

At the latest when the GaNS production is concluded, please add a few drops of GaNS from the same production into the "amino jar", so as to preserve the potential of the amino acid for a long time (according to M.T. Keshe, 316th KSWS).

Since amino acids need the salt environment, I additionally recommend to fill up the "amino jar" with salt water from the cup at the end of the production.


Salt harvesting

The longer a production runs the more the plasmatic fields spread. This can be well observed on the subject of "salt growth", as it can be seen in the matter state.
Salt often begins to form at the connection cables or on the outside of the glass rim, at a considerable distance from the water surface.

To harvest the salt, I usually loosen it with a small wooden skewer and catch it in the plastic spoon held underneath. That way I manage to get in between all the parts without having to remove wires and there is hardly any salt falling into the production.

I store the harvested salt dry in a small jar with a lid. If the salt is moist, you may leave the jar open in a dry, warm place for a few hours, to dry completely before closing the lid for storage.

I noticed that touching the salt from the OneCup OneLife caused a distinct "tingling" sensation on my fingertips that lasted for a while, stronger than I ever experienced with salt of other productions. (No such thing is experienced when handling different kinds of "regular" salt in everyday use...)


GaNS harvesting

GaNS is a very powerful energy source, every particle like a sun, therefore GaNS is not to be touched - no direct contact on a living body!
If it happens nevertheless, please rinse with plenty of water. It's not dangerous, just far too extreme for direct use.
GNever ingest GaNS - do not eat / do not drink - this leads to severe discomfort over several days (according to statements of "incautious" Knowledge Seekers).
Concerning possible applications please refer to the corresponding chapter.

GaNS can be harvested 1.) during ongoing production or 2.) when finishing production.
Harvest amino acids and salt before the GaNS, it is usually not possible to harvest it thereafter, at least for some time.
If, for example, pieces of copper/nanocopper strands or other solid particles are visible in the GaNS, please remove them if possible before, during or after harvesting.

1.) Ongoing production while GaNS is being harvested:
The most convenient way to do this is using a syringe. If space is rather restricted, it is even more effective to attach a piece of plastic tubing (or drinking straw) tightly to the tip of the syringe.
If no syringe is available, be creative or follow 2.) and do the "pouring variation" but restart the production therafter.

Slowly dip the tube's end/syringe into the GaNS. Use the syringe to suck in the GaNS from the bottom of the OneCup OneLife and then dispense it into the large "harvesting jar".

Hectic movements swirl up the GaNS, this should be avoided. The aim is to suck in as much GaNS with as little salt water as possible.

Do not remove all GaNS, as production re-continues better that way.

Don't forget: After harvesting, the water level in the production jar is too low.
Please refill with fresh 15% saltwater solution to about 2cm below the rim, so that "OneCup OneLife" can continue to produce well.

Rinse the syringe thoroughly with clean water immediately after use.

As long as the production is still going on I leave the "harvesting jar" with the harvested GaNS next to it.
I would only start washing a partially harvested GaNS if I want to use it as soon as possible. In all other cases I continue harvesting into the same jar and do the washing process at the end of production.

freshly harvested GaNS ... side view...
... and ... top view


2.) Finishing production and GaNS harvesting:
First disconnect the battery from the system, then carefully move the zinc plate, copper coil and nano-coil so that the GaNS particles still adhering to them are released. Wait until the GaNS flakes have sunk to the bottom and the water in the production turns clear again.
Slowly, without "whirling up" the GaNS, remove metals and nano out of the jar.
Now it is necessary to separately remove salt water and GaNS from the jar. The aim is to ensure that the GaNS gets into the large, sealable " harvesting jar" with as little salt water as possible, and that the salt water gets into a bottle with as little GaNS as possible.
These are just two of many possibilitiesto do it:

- Pour the salt water from the production jar gently and slowly into a bottle and stop in time before the GaNS comes along.


- Using a syringe, remove the salt water from the jar and pour it into a bottle, stop doing this shortly above the GaNS-level.

Transfer the GaNS into the "harvesting jar", GaNS residues in the production jar can be dissolved with a little (fresh, not salty) water as required and added to the GaNS.
Close the jar and salt water bottle and label it.

(-: You can rejoice :-)

You have created your own GaNS.
Your never-ending source of plasma in the jar, which can be utilised, but can not be depleted.

picture on the right:
Jars with GaNS out of two OneCupOneLife productions.
One slightly greenish-white, the other somewhat greyish-white.


GaNS washing

This last part of the preparation is about dissolving the salt out of the the GaNS.

The plasmatical properties of salt are very gravitational, it attracts plasmatic energy, compresses and slows down its fields. We use this force during GaNS production. In salt water, the GaNS as embodied energy is manifesting and the quality(s) of this energy are defined by the choice of the metals, their form and position in the jar, as well as by our intention.

If GaNS is harvested from the production and the salt is washed out, its properties get stabilised. It is no longer susceptible to any plasmatic influence but only interacts in its specific spectrum of the "OneCup OneLife".

The procedure of washing in itself is very simple:

  1. The harvesting jar containing the GaNS is filled with fresh unsalted water, closed and then everything is well mixed by shaking and waving it rather gently.
  2. Then let it rest until the water is clear and the GaNS has settled at the bottom. In this part, salt from the GaNS get diluted in to the water. If a part of the GaNS remains on the top: knock gently on the jar, it will make it to sink (may have to be repeated several times until everything stays down...). On the first washing the settling down can take up to 1-2 days, the next ones are faster.
  3. Remove only the clear now salty washing water (not the GaNS!!) from the jar, with a syringe or by careful pouring and collect it in a labelled bottle.
  4. Start again from 1. Important: each time use new, unsalted water to top up the jar..

All the removed washing water can be collected together in the same bottle.

Filled with fresh water and gently shaken, the entire contents of the jar first turns milky and cloudy. One can observe how the GaNS particles gather into "flakes", slow down and start to sink. The dynamic movement in the jar helps to dissolve the salt from the GaNS into the water. The salt content is further reduced with each wash. The GaNS has settled down, the water is clear.
Remove the water and start the next "washing cycle".

Everything is ready for use when the clear water no longer tastes too salty.
With the ratio of jar size to GaNS quantity as shown in the above pictures, 2-3 washing cycles are sufficient (according to 106th 1N1P teaching). Thus the process here clearly differs from the standard washing procedure for GaNS, in which the salt usually gets washed out completely (this takes at least 5 to more than 10 washing cycles).

The corona virus has further mutated, it is now recommended (according to the 108th 1N1P teaching) to wash the GaNS at least 5 times to complete the preparations. The clear water in the glass should no longer taste salty at all.


Water of GaNS (WoG)

After washing, when the GaNS has settled down again at the bottom of the harvesting jar, the water above turned clear again. Water and GaNS now contain much less salt than before washing nearly no salt.
This clear water is called "Water of GaNS" ( in short "WoG").
In health- and various other applications, WoG (Water of GaNS) is used predominantly.

Only a part of the WoG is extracted from the jar ... this is how it works without causing troubles:

1.) Top up with fresh water to the green line, shake gently, then leave it to stand. (Please use pure water of good Quality, as used before.)

2.) Wait until the GaNS has completely settled (here marked by the red line) and the water above has become clear.

3.) Usage: Now you can take out Water of GaNS as desired down to the yellow line, (please stop there! 2-3cm of WoG above the red line remain in the jar).
This ensures that only Water of GaNS is used, not the GaNS itself.

start again from 1.) : top up, ...

For possible applications please refer to the next chapter.


End of production

The components that were used for production in the OneCup OneLife can be used for this purpose again and again, immediately afterwards or even after a long time.
Since they are "plasmatized", they generally work even better than new materials.

The following should be done before "storing" or restarting:
All parts used in production that have been in contact with GaNS, salt water or salt, wash well with water and allow them to dry.
To ensure that the nano-coil is ready for use the next time, it is best to re-nanocoat it after washing and drying.

I certainly continue production for a while.
At the end of production I will put all parts together in the production jar (including the old battery in a small plastic bag). The bottle with the production's saltwater will be put next to it.
This allows the production to be quickly restarted at any time as desired or if necessary.

At the end of production the following components were created:

GaNS and WoG
in a large jar with a tight lid
filled and ready for use.

Amino acids

in a jar with a lid
a few drops of the produced GaNS added
topped up with salt water from the production
Salt in a small, closed jar
Water from GaNS-washing in one or more bottles

as well as the basics for a restart of "OneCup OneLife", for you or someone else:

Salt out of the production in a bottle
when restarting, use max. 50% of it and add at least 50% of fresh salt water
Production Kit "OneCup OneLife" the cleaned components of the production
ready for a new run



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Before we get to the specific methods of application below (where, how, how often), a few words about the underlying principles of the application.
The principles remain the same, the methods are different - they are adapted to the causes.

As described on the background page, in plasma science we refer to the three areas of different human field strengths as 'physicality', 'emotions' and 'soul'. In other terminology, but with the same meaning, we also know body, soul and spirit.
For diseases that affect the entire human organism, in contrast to e.g. a muscle injury, we must also act on each of the three areas. This is achieved as follows:

BODY External applications Washes, spray, etc.
EMOTIONS Internal use (stomach, intestines)
Drinking (preparing food)
SOUL Internal use (lungs, breath, air) Inhale plasmatic air

Without looking too deeply into the principles, since this page deals with the specific application in relation to viruses, I would like to clarify the connections somewhat.
Mr. Keshe calls breathing analogous to the soul. I think he deliberately uses this simplified representation and is of course aware that the soul as such has nothing to do with breathing or air, since it can exist without any material connection and of course does not need air. We are talking here about a soul that has manifested itself in physicality as an 'air-breather'.

450/5000 The breath is the link between soul and physicality. Two always create a third, in this case the emotions, which also represent the 'transition zone'.

The 'outer core' in red can represent everything (macrocosm) with which the soul interacts, but also the entire human organism (microcosm).

I have presented this in more detail on my page 'ganzheitliche Grundlagen' (holistic basics).

In such a case, with a virus, the application must be focused on all 3 levels!


General informations on the practical application

The GaNS itself is never consumed and never applied to the body!
As mentioned several times in the previous chapters, we only apply WoG, i.e. Water of GaNS, directly on humans (and animals).

Please add at least 1 drop of amino acids to the WoG in order to achieve a better connection to the body.

Note: The application of the plasma technology lies in your own responsibility.
Knowledge seekers around the world, several hundred thousand, are using the WoG (Water of GaNS) on their own since 2016, without any problems, but with great pleasure :) There are also state-run analyzes of the Water of GaNS, e.g. by the 'Ghana atomic commission' where GaNS plasma technology is used to clean rivers and where the WoG can be purchased as bottled water. There are also chemical analyzes by the Chinese government, which has invested in the Keshe Foundation. The analyzes have not yet been published by governments to the public.

The following types of application were mentioned by M.T. Keshe in the workshops since the end of January 2020. On February 27 during the 317th KSWS, Mr. Keshe provided precise information and explanations on the various applications for prevention or in the case of illness based on the current example of the corona virus. I have summarized these here.
More recent information, mainly because of the virus mutating, is continuously added. If necessary, previously described information is striked through and subsequently updated so that you can recognise and track changes.

In this part, additional or clarifying information from my own understanding of Keshe plasma science is written in italics.

last updated: March 27, 2020


Preventive (as a precaution)

Application of the WoG to humans:

  spray / moisten chest and upper back 2x a day
face and head 2x a day
hands at least twice a day
  rinse mouth 1-2x a day
  moisten / rinse nostrils 1-2x a day

  drink 200 - 500 ml daily in several portions throughout the day

  breathe at least 10 minutes 1-2x a day

In general, little salty or saltless WoG can be used for prevention, a high salt content is mostly unpleasant, try out what suits you best.
9.3.2020: Only salt-free WoG is now used.

Always add at least 1 drop of amino acids to the WoG.

with regard to spray / rinse / moisten:

  • chest, head and hands::
    If desired, first wash and dry "as usual.
    Then apply the WoG with a spray bottle or with a cloth/washcloth and do not towel yourself, but allow it to dry.
    Do not forget to spray your hair lightly.
    Hands preferably wash, dry and finally spray more often during the day, or just spray when you are on the way...
  • Mouth: rinse and gargle with WoG.
    I would not do this immediately after brushing my teeth, because the receptors in the mouth are still "busy" with the ingredients of the toothpaste...
  • Nose: first "blow your nose", then spray nostrils or moisten them with a cloth or cotton swab (of course you could also "rinse" your nose)
    If possible, do not blow your nose immediately afterwards, better only dab off if necessary.

with regard to breathe:
During this application, breathe through the nose if possible. Examples with different means are

  • breathe directly through a cloth (or a face mask,...) moistened with WoG
  • "breathe through WoG."
    Fill the WoG into a bubbler and inhale through the upper tube. Due to the negative pressure air flows through the WoG - this bubbles, therefore it is called a Bubbler... (see picture below)
    (Can simply be made by yourself: Either from a jar and 2 pieces of hose through which you can breathe easily. Or from a PET bottle and one piece of hose, the mouth is then placed directly on the bottle to breathe).
    The same purpose is served by a water pipe (Shisha) or an equivalent.
    With these variations, unfortunately breathing through the nose is barely possible.
    Important: change the WoG daily.
  • With an inhaler / breathing device with "inhale adapter" for the nose or mask:
    Even very simple devices serve their purpose well and are surprisingly cheap.
    The WoG is filled into the liquid container, during operation the air is pumped to the nose with the "nebulized" WoG (therefore also applicable for people with breathing problems).
    Attention: according to M.T.Keshe such a "nebulizer" to breathe with must not be used in case of acute infection (Portuguese KSWS of 20.3.2020), under no circumstances bring additional moisture directly into the lungs!
an inhaler:
a bubbler :


If one applies the preventive measures and a virus still reaches the inside of the body, one can fall ill with a little fever as with a normal flu, but without serious consequences. Even among the many Knowledge Seekers in China, Iran and Italy, neither the most serious developments nor fatalities have occurred so far (last update: March 27th, 2020).

Simple Corona Test
This simple test has a reliability of about 90%. (There is also a 100% test by plasmatic means, which I am not describing here/now.)
Block your nose with your fingers and try to hold your breath for 10 seconds. If you can do that, which normally poses no problem, everything is okay. If you start coughing while holding your breath, you have 90% risk of having the virus.

Various knowledge seekers report "normal flu cases" (not corona virus) on their family and themselves, where the WoG from OneCup OneLife has been used because they had it available. Sometimes with immediate effect within hours, sometimes after 2-3 days all symptoms had completely disappeared without any additional measures.


Application possibilities in the surroundings:

For these applications the saline "washing water" WoG can also be used.
9.3.2020: Here too, only salt-free WoG is used now.
All the applications are used to build up plasmatic fields as well as for disinfection.
Remember that the WoG is not wiped off after spraying, let it dry by itself. Therefore it is better not to spray too much at once...
There are materials and things that can have their problems with salt, please use the salt-free WoG in those cases.
With these applications I usually do not add additional amino acids.

  • Positioning of active OneCup OneLife productions.
    If you have several, space them all around the rooms..
    Each of these cups generates a plasmatic field. Several, spaced cups interact with each other and thus also form a larger collective field.
    While a cup is producing, it interacts with all other fields it encounters. Simply put, it is constantly changing, integrating the new and thereby expanding its spectrum. The GaNS produced becomes more diverse and builds a broader plasmatic range.
  • spraying the doors (especially the door handles, too), inside and outside,
    spraying the walls (windows as well, if you like to), inside and outside
    Especially inside, do not spray too much at once, walls and ceilings do not have to be wet or completely sprayed. My suggestion: do it from time to time, here and there...
    I also like to spray on absorbing materials like carpets, curtains, seating furniture/beds,...,...
  • spray your pets
    Here I would only use saltless WoG for animal welfare reasons.
    ("Newspaper-knowledge": currently the COV-viruses have been proven on the fur of pets, so far it seems not to be contagious for the animal, but the transmission to humans is also possible in this way.)
  • Washing laundry with addition of WoG (washing machine: 300-500 ml per "load" of laundry)
    When washing laundry, salty "WoG" is still strongly recommended (27.3.2020).
    My addition: With the salt the virus is attracted and disposed of in the washing process together with the water. To the fabric softener, however, I recommend adding salt-free WoG. The laundry can be sprayed with salt-free WoG after washing, then let it dry.
    Additionally, don't forgett to spray the clothes worn outside (coat, jacket, shoes, ...).
  • Place closed jars with GaNS around the apartment/house
    also hang them from bushes/trees, put them in the pots of plants,... Make sure that they are out of reach of children!,...
    I would fill several rather small jars with a larger amount of GaNS and just a little salty saltless WoG and place / hang them with some distance to each other. This way quite a big unified field is established, so that the neighbours and passers-by may profit from it too...
  • Place open jars with salty WoG around the apartment/house. Dispose of and refill the salty WoG daily (27.3.2020).
    Put them in safe places (out of reach of children!,...). They serve as a kind of trap for the virus, so it is very important to dispose of this water in the drain / toilet every day.
  • spraying the car, inside and outside
    No salty WoG on the bodywork,...!
    Filter of the ventilation/air conditioning system, not too much, to you avoid water in the system.
    Do not spray: all safety-relevant parts (also not on the windows, this usually causes streaks -> sight issues)..
  • Take the spray with you when you are on the go and use it
    ...even if you are considered "a crazy person who sprays all around"... (quote M.T.Keshe)
    wherever it seems appropriate to you, for you and/or for others
    just a few ideas: Ventilation - seats on public transport, etc. - Handrail of stairs/escalators - at the workplace (possibly also put up small GaNS jars...) - ...
    Spray your hands with the WoG, it has a targeted effect, desinfects and protects the skin of your hands (in contrast to chemical hand disinfectants).

All the points mentioned above represent possibilities to amplify and expand the plasma fields. Plasma loves to interact, especially with its own kind. Since you use the WoG internally and externally, you always carry these fields with you and you are optimally integrated into the corresponding unifying fields.
Use the WoG to strengthen and spread this field of health in the ways that suit you.
I wish you much pleasure in doing so!


If you use a breathing mask / cloth... :
Spray it repeatedly during use.
Be careful, the viruses collect at the mask (by inhaling and exhaling air through the mask), therefore do not touch the mask itself but only the ligaments (danger of subsequent transmission).
After use, before disposal, spray it again. Do not dispose directly into plastic, e.g. use a paper bag. Plastic bonds (CH) give energy to the virus!
5.3.2020: If this protectional mask/cloth has to be used again later, submerge it in WoG for at least 15 minutes and let it dry afterwards. Important: always dispose immediately of the WoG used here!


acute (in case of disease)

First of all, I would like to heartfully wish you a swift and complete recovery!

Application of the WoG to humans:

  spray / moisten chest and upper back every hour
face and head every hour
hands if suitable or needed
  rinse mouth if suitable or needed
  moisten / rinse nostrils if suitable or needed

  drink (up to 700 ml daily) 50 ml every hour

  breathe at least 10 minutes every hour

The salt in WoG is very important in an acute case! The salt content makes the WoG more energetic in its effect. Enhance the WoG with some salt water from production, which can also be carefully taken from a running production.
The salty WoG should still be well drinkable and should not irritate the application areas.

9.3.2020: Here again, only salt-free WoG is used now.

Always add at least 1 drop of amino acids to the WoG.

The procedure mentioned here represents an optimum use of the plasmatic fields. If something is not or not as often possible, do not force it.
The sequence should be followed if possible. ( body - emotions - Soul )
Explanations and tips on the applications can be found here.
In acute situations a lot of WoG is needed. It is best to have several glasses with washed GaNS and WoG ready. If one needs to be refilled, there is still enough clear WoG available in the other(s) for immediate use.
5.3.2020: It is also very helpful to moisten cloths made of fabric (or kitchen paper) with WoG and put them on the front & back of the upper part of the body, or directly on pyjamas/T-shirt/... spray on the upper part of the body. Remoisten from time to time. Change these cloths/clothes at least 3-4 times a day. (The resulting "dirty" laundry should be washed with the addition of WoG.)

Spray the immediate surroundings (i.e. the bed, the walls, ... Do not spray too much at once) and repeat at least 1-2 times a day. The plasmatized environment helps additionally in interaction with the WoG applied to humans and thus supports the recovery. The possibilities to include the environment as mentioned here are also beneficial for the recovery and therefore highly recommended in case of disease.

Mr. Keshe says that the OneCup OneLife has a "Soul of mutation". An active OneCup OneLife production positioned close to the patient has the ability to adapt to the patient and his individual needs. In this way the range of the field spectrum is expanded during production. In addition, the active production placed here also supports the effect of the applied WoG through direct field interaction.
Possibly on a daily basis, add a little of this GaNS and amino acids to the already harvested GaNS. Then, as usual, top it up with water and let it settle before you use it.

For caregivers and people living in the same household:
Use "preventively" the WoG. Wash your hands often and spray them afterwards.
During direct contact: Wear a mask, spray it (important information on the handling)
After direct contact: "Wash, dry, then spray" is applied to hands and to face/head. Don't forget to also spray your hair lightly.


Health Recovery Process:

After 1-3 hours the high fever should go down.
After 2-3 days the sweating, coughing and possible respiratory- and lung-problems should be over.

When the condition has improved (after 2-3 days), at least the preventive procedure should be continued.
Continue to be mindful !
The following experiences have been reported from China/Iran in the case of severe disease progressions:
A second episode of a high fever may occur 1-3 days after the first fever. This one has a bacterial nature. There is a susceptibility to it because of the cell damage caused by the virus.
If left untreated, this bacterial infestation can in extreme cases lead to severe lung problems, up to heart failure.

A dose of strong antibiotics from the doctor helps in this case.
Plasmatically, if available, the WoG of CuO-GaNS (caution: "copper" GaNS is not the one produced in the OneCup OneLife...) with additional salt added to it, can be drunk and inhaled.

During the healing phase, continue applying the WoG from the OneCup OneLife in the preventive procedure, possibly reducing it over time, but maintaining at least the drinking of 100ml of WoG daily.
If you forget this daily routine, this is the sign that it is no longer needed and the process can be stopped. Until this happens it can take up to 2-3 months.


Please read the corresponding articles in the official free Plasma Cyclopedia KF - WIKI, too


* * * * *


The following more specific questions from Knowledge Seekers on the use of WoG and GaNS from OneCup OneLife were answered by Mr. Keshe in KSWS 317 and subsequent teachings:
last updated: March 27, 2020


  • Questions about WoG and plasma water:
    The WoG should only be used pure. So after taking it out, do not add normal water to it anymore, this will represent a "dilution". In this case the effectiveness will no longer be given.
    Unfortunately, the question about the plasmatic creation of WoG was not understood correctly and has not (yet) been answered. If an answer will be given, I will add it here later. -> see 27.3.2020
  • On the question of using "rotating reactors", Mr Keshe answered yes and no. There is a high risk of returning the virus back to the body and that would be very counterproductive in this case. -> so: No.
    I think the understanding of keshe plasma science must be very advanced in order to not make any mistake here. That would be fatal in this case. Therefore, I strongly discourage the use of such devices in connection with the corona virus.
  • Question on persons with a transplanted organ. Can the described applications also be used here? The Keshe Foundation has not yet any findings in this regard.
    In this case, a more precise evaluation with a doctor would certainly be necessary. The Keshe Foundation offers specialized non-public medical teachings to doctors. Furthermore, specific medical inquiries can be sent to the Keshe Foundation by mail.


  • Topic Diabetes: A knowledge seeker describes that a friend who is diabetic uses this WoG. The blood sugar values have improved considerably, in such a way that the medication had to be adjusted. Mr. Keshe confirms that this is known. Not only in the case of diabetes, but also with other diseases, strong improvements can be observed and an eventual medication has to be adjusted by a doctor accordingly.


  • Question how to use the preventive applications for children:
    1. baby / toddler: only use ambient applications e.g. spray bed linen, rompers,... / spray room / use a humidifier with WoG / spray cuddly toy,... / ...).
    Add WoG to the bath / washing water.
    2. child: slightly older children and adolescents can use the same applications as adults, if possible, up to the same number of times / amounts.
    In case of acute illness of children contact the KesheFoundation directly.
  • Question about any restrictions during pregnancy:
    No restrictions - In case of severe illness contact the KesheFoundation directly.
  • Question about restrictions with cardiac pacemakers or stents:
    Use environmental applications only - In case of acute illness contact the KesheFoundation directly.




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