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Overview of the different cups until March 27, 2020




1) OneCup - OneLife

Detailed description of the manufacturing and application on the main page.
Detailed description of the production also on the KFwiki.
Background, Viruses, understood plasmatically, effect of plasma.

1b) Twin Cup of Life -> description of the construction on this page


2) Cup of Physicality (second cup)

Detailed description of the construction on the KFwiki.
Up to date (March 29th) the variant of a Twin Cup from Cup-2 has not been officially confirmed. I define official sources as KFwiki and Knowledge Seeker Workshops.
The field strengths of this highly copper loaded GaNS are applied below the lungs by external spraying in order to detect an infection of the organs and to 'discharge' this mutation of the virus. As with Cup 1, an infection is recognized by a strong feeling of pressure and heat, or a pain on the infected organ.
Mr.Keshe: "This will work as an antibiotic, so it can stop the infection. Its ten time more than the normal antibiotic ...". "With the new virus mutation you do not get any fever, you just get the pains, solidification ...". "When you get a fever, it means you have survived the virus."
If an infection is found, this plasma water is mixed in a ratio to that of Cup 1 and then drunk. See also KFwiki.
Do not consume plasma water from this cup as a preventive measure!


3) Cup of the Soul of Man

At the moment there is little information about this setup, apart from the obvious analogies to the Yin / Yang -> TAO aspect.
The structure and connection is so far clear and presented above.
Here (321st. KSWS) the description of the 'Cup of Man' starts, the video starts at 37'26 ". Listen! :)
The two individual cups 1 and 2 are combined, with the zinc oriented towards the center. A synthesis of the two cups takes place, the result is more than the sum of the individual parts. The setup represents the realm of the spirit.
We refer to the three areas of different human field strengths as 'physicality', 'emotions' and 'soul'. In other terminology, but with the same meaning, we also know body, soul and spirit.
There is no duality at this level of spirit, as seen in the Yin / Yang symbol as the perimeter. The circle, or spirit, can only contain the form of dualistic expression.
According to the TAO aspect, which cannot be expressed in its truth, since instruments of duality are used, the function of this cup is still largely hidden.
The question of the salinity of the water was answered with 'according to your knowledge' :)
A connection to 'nourishing the body through the soul' and unnecessary 'killing of life (animals, plants)' was indicated.
Another hint was, for security, make one of the copper parts from a plate. All parts designed as coils can be difficult to cope with, with reference to being on different dimensions ...


If several setups cannot be started at the same time, I recommend the following sequence:

  1. OneCup - OneLife with battery (as described)
  2. Cup of Physicality
  3. 2 x OneCup - OneLife without battery
  4. Twin Cup of Life
  5. OneCup - OneLife without battery
  6. Cup of the Soul of Man



I made a statement regarding the polarity in the OneCup-OneLife setup in the image below.
Since I never produce GaNS with electricity, I cannot say whether this is also the case with other GaNS productions.
But it was astonishing to measure minus (-) at the positive pole of the battery after connection to the setup. See picture below:


Click here for XL german version

Click here for XL english version


GaNS production seems to dictate or maintain polarity towards the battery.

Update: I now have several batteries that are polarity reversed, also when measuring outside the circuit. I heard that from other knowledge seekers too.
It can also happen that a weak battery is getting charged at the setup and has more voltage after operation than before. But it happens relatively rarely.
There are other peculiarities that sometimes occur, but I would like to mention the basics, - the setup is very dynamic. As Mr.Keshe said, the Cup is a plasma entity with its soul in the center of the nano coil. Sometimes it is more gravitational, sometimes more magnetic (versus the battery). The setup changes its consumption or delivery depending on current parameters, also with regard to the nano-coating condition.
I would like to point out that I heard some people use stabilized power supplies. That way we are imposing a working condition on the cup in this case and the dynamic, adaptive character that a battery allows is prevented.
A power supply always carries a frequency, so it is not as flat in the DC output.

Perhaps an explanation would be the plasma flow from magnetical to gravitational to magnetical:

Nano (mag.) --> (grav.) Battery (-) --> (mag.) Battery (+) --> (grav.) Zn/Cu coils --> Nano (mag.)


This effect does not occur when operating with a MaGrav in a circuit as described above. Flow chart:

Nano (mag.)-->(grav./input) MaGrav-->(mag./output) MaGrav-->(grav.) Battery (-)-->(mag.) Battery (+) -->(grav.) Zn/Cu coils--> Nano(mag.)

With MaGrav, however, a polarity change occurs in the circuit, the battery pole agrees to the measured line polarity.
I assume that the nano material is magnetical, because I measure a positive potential here with an open circuit.


Mr. Keshe explains 'OneCup-OneLife'

Some essential information from Mr. Keshe about the meaning of the individual components, as well as the analogy to the structure of the 3-stacker MaGrav. Keywords are inserted in his sketch.

Click here for XL german version

Click here for english version


As can be read in the sketch, this can be heard in the '103.One Nation One Planet One Race' from 4h 02'.


Twin - Cup of Life

In the '318. Knowledge Seeker Workshop' from 05.03.2020 Mr. Keshe shows an alternative to the normal 'OneCup - OneLife'setup. As can be seen in the drawing below, the arrangement consists of two cups that are connected by wires.
The setup is operated without a battery, a connection wire instead of the battery is not required.
The metals and the nano coil are not changed compared to the 1-glass setup.


The difference to the 1-glass setup is that the GaNS production works faster. In addition, a GaNS with a larger plasmatic bandwidth is to be created. The same thing that is done by mixing the GaNS from different, individual cups.
For me it is an extension and not a replacement for 1-cup systems.


The photos above are from my first twin - cup. As an experiment, I took into account the plasmatic principles of the 'strong - weak' reactor and the 'gradient flow'.
The two production glasses are different, in the ratio of Phi = 1.618. The following components have this relationship to one another:

  • Copper coil and nano coil: number of turns and diameter
  • Zinc plate: the surface area
  • Container: Filling volume of the salt water, size of jar.

The wiring was made with rigid wire, nano coated with fire.
'Armen connectors' for the connection of the coils for easy exchange and good plasma flow.
The smaller glass was lifted up by a stand, so that the coils are level with the larger glass.

Observation so far: The amount of GaNS produced is not high. The nano coil of the small setup bubbles, makes small bubbles, the large one does not. A sign of 'the stronger feeds the weaker'? The small container produces more GaNS. In the large, one can see strange, hair-fine 'GaNS hairs' (5-8cm) that move.


Cup of Physicality

In the '320. Knowledge Seeker Workshop' (video starts at 1h17') from March 19th, 2020, Mr. Keshe presents the 'Cup of Physicality'. Also called cup-2 or second cup. Also here in the 'One Nation One Planet One Race' video you can hear some interesting information about the CuO GaNS.
As can be seen in the drawing, only copper is used as metal and nano-copper. Without the zinc, which has the field strength of the emotions and thus also creates a connection to the soul, the resulting fields of copper, and the GaNS water of it (WoG), have a purely physical effect.

This variant of the cup became necessary because the virus mutated from a lung infection (emotions and physical) and can now also infect internal organs, bones and skin. Or, to word it more plasmatically, the virus has learned through interaction with the emotional field strengths of humans, has grown in its capacity, has a wider range of field strengths and could now use the more distant field strengths of physicality for interactions. This process took about 2-4 months.

The GaNS production of Cup-2 runs significantly slower than that of Cup-1, if you compare both Cups without a battery. Battery is only used for emergency purposes when it comes to hours of producing! Instead, start in time, make several cups, and/or use more metal and nano material.

The two copper elements in the Cup-2 should consist of 1) a copper coil and 2) a flat piece of copper! This is important.
If you do not have a copper plate as shown in the picture, it is possible to form a copper wire tightly aligned to itself, in the 'accordion' manner to achieve the image of a surface. Stable single wire or stranded wire is possible everywhere, nano in stranded produces faster.

The water of the 'Cup of Physicality' is not drunk preventively, as it is the case with the Cup-1. The strong antibacterial/antiviral effect also affects e.g. intestinal bacteria that we need.
Attempts a few years ago with copper GaNS water for approx. 1 week and approx. 30 ml daily did not cause any problems for me.
It is not breathed through this plasma either.
Only the spray routine is preventively supplemented by spraying with this GaNS water. Spray with Cup-2 only below the lungs, solar plexus, arms, shoulders.
For the detailed protocol of application, please read the KFwiki 'Cup-2'!


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MaGrav Cup

A 1-stack MaGrav was looped into the negative lead of the nano coil. So between the nano coil and the negative pole of the battery.

This is just a test - setup! No 'OneCup - OneLife', as differences can arise compared to the GaNS used with the virus. The structure taught by Mr. Keshe should be kept as accurate as possible and is shown in detail on the 'OneCup - OneLife' - main page of NiSha.


Battery voltage: 0.65 V
Operational: 0.53 V ( after approx. 12 hours )
GaNS at the center of MaGrav: Zinc / copper (alternating)
No 'bubbling' in the water  



'OneCup - OneLife' instructions by Mr. Keshe


Video with German soundtrack:


Download link to the videos in different languages


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