Virus Shedding from "Vaccinated"



COVID19 vaccination increases mortality of unvaccinated European children

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"COVID19 vaccination in the general population*


total mortality** of children aged 0-14 yrs
(who are not vaccinated at this time)"



* general population DATA (
**total mortality DATA (
Time period: January-May 2021
From 22 European Countries
DATA from: 395 million people





"For ages 0-14 years, most r's are positive in 15 among 18-week lags, 83.3%, a statistically significant majority of weeks, P = 0.0038, sign test. This indicates persistent indirect adverse vaccine effects on total mortality of the unvaccinated, at least those <15 years."

"The indirect vaccine effects might be due to COVID19 vaccine shedding, which might affect particularly unvaccinated children. This suggests that children are particularly likely to develop adverse vaccination reactions. Most worrying is that adverse effects seem to increase over time. This does not exclude the possibility that vaccine shedding also affects unvaccinated adults of all ages."

"In those below 15 years, which are unvaccinated, adverse effects start 3-4 weeks after vaccination and gradually increase until the end of the period examined, 20 weeks after vaccination. At the level of the whole population of children below 15 in these 22 countries, a weekly 1% increase in vaccination of adults results in 29 additional deaths of children, an 8% increase in the average weekly children death rate.":


Weekly increase in vaccination of adults Additional deaths of children <15 Increase in the average weekly children death rate
1 % --->
= 8 %


"an increase of 1% of recipients of the 1st COVID19 vaccine dose for the total population increases the mean weekly death rate by 29 deaths, which is a 100x29/264=8.4% increase in weekly deaths of children under 15 for that population pool. A weekly increase in vaccination of 2% doubles numbers of deaths presumed due to vaccination."

"It seems likely that these indirect effects of vaccination, presumably due to vaccine shedding by surrounding vaccinated adults, predict greater direct effects of vaccination on children."


Quote: "Vaccination increases COVID19 infections."


"Indirect effects of the COVID19 vaccines, putatively vaccine shedding (of spike proteins and/or other molecules), increase total mortality in the unvaccinated, especially during the early period when vaccination has adverse effects on the vaccinated.
The evidence for adverse vaccine effects on the unvaccinated after week lag 5 is particularly worrying and warrants to examine as soon as possible patterns for a longer period."


"Results suggest that

vaccination and vaccine shedding

increase non-COVID19 mortality,"


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