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A new Cosmology after the separation of the timelines

On this page, I would like to try to clarify the changes that are in progress and will soon reach their culmination point.
The changes do not only concern the human being, not only the earth or our solar system, but the totality of manifestations and their inseparable interactions and interconnectedness.

This is one, - my approach. There are countless ways to express this change in a form. However, the truths and principles behind them are largely the same or overlap to a large extent.
So I don't want to point out the only or absolute truth, but some principles that can inspire the reader to develop this approach coherently for themselves based on their individual capabilities and understanding.

The consideration is based on a synthesis of the following, more or less known theories or systems:

  • The KABALAH with the 'Tree of Life'
  • The Theory of timelines
  • The 'Ascension' theory of consciousness to 5D
  • The cristallisation plan for consciousness on 3D by systems and governments, with their central point in the 'WeF' (World economic Forum)
  • The Theory of the existence of a planet called Nibiru

The first four points mentioned are components that definitely have a share in my view of reality.
The fifth point about the planet Nibiru I bring into play to give the supporters of this theory the possibility to shape the rather fixed interpretation of this concept, which goes back to Babylonian records, more openly.
The theory about planet Nibiru has therefore had no influence on the reflections presented in this text.

The sequence of presentation of the individual points, towards the main part of the 'Theory of the New Cosmology' is as follows:

    • Original state
    • Timeline-1 (3D)
    • Timeline-2 (5D)
    • Comparison of timeline-1 (3D) with timeline-2 (5D)


Should the reader be unfamiliar with one, several or all of the points, it should still be possible to understand the concept described. However, a further study of the as yet unknown theories or systems would certainly widen the possible understanding of this text.


The Culmination Point, where that which no longer belongs together separates, - no longer is of the same.

Every reader finds in his or her individual experience of reality innumerable manifestations of what can be called a split in perception in humanity. This is often also referred to as a scissors divide. These opposing views, or positions, are presented by both sides as the only valid truths. The gulf between them is getting wider and wider, the representations of them more and more radical. The individual feels compelled to take one position or the other. Many of the people have now reached a point where they feel life-threatening fears.
There is a life-threatening climate change / this is a natural process. There is a life-threatening virus / no virus has been shown isolated up until now. There is a vaccination / this is no vaccination but genocide. Etc.
You understand the division I am referring to and which manifests itself in countless perceptions individually.

A split must always be preceded by something that was previously together, that formed a unity. You can say it is the One that shows itself in a duality. Neither one part of the duality, nor the other, nor both together represent the One. Just as it is said 'the entirety is more than the sum of the parts'.
The seeker of truth is not served by any of the parts, they are merely hints of manifestation. It can only relate to the understanding of oneness (before division), which leads to an understanding of the manifestations in duality.
However, as this is not an option for the majority of humanity, as they are trapped in a view of reality based only on duality, without exploring the oneness therebehind, let alone being able to hold this position of observation, we are moving towards a point that 'separates the wheat from the chaff'.
Even if one is able to recognise more or less of the oneness behind duality, this does not mean that one takes a stand above all things, insofar as a statement and decisions are generally redundant.
The potential difference, the gradient of perception of reality has reached an order of magnitude where there is only an external and superficial commonality. To both sides with their perception it is completely incomprehensible how there can at all be another view of their own 'reality'.
The time that was available to us to look behind the illusions of duality, to recognise unity, as well as the Oneness of human beings, in order to avoid a split, has expired. What now follows can be compared to a CELL DIVISION.


a) ASCENSION - Ascension process of conciousness to '5D'
b) Stagnation, cristallisation of conciousness on 3D


Many, or most, of the readers have a more or less precise vision of what is meant by 'ascension to 5D'. Personally, this expression is not very appealing to me, but let's not dwell on the naming of it.
For those readers who do not know what this is all about, I will mention a few points that are far from being able to describe the concept. But it allows to further follow the logic of this document and understand the overall concept.

5-D denotes a dimension of consciousness that exists above the 3-D (3-dimensional) reality and can recognise the illusions of the 3-D world as such as well as treat and appreciate them as such.
As it is a level of consciousness, this cannot be 'learned' or understood through mere reasoning. It is the interaction of:

  • Will
  • Feeling
  • Intellect
  • Intuition

Only by experiences, as the quintessence of the aspects involved, does this form of consciousness develop. The vector that the path follows is that to oneness, to totality, or also termed TAO or ZEN.

INPUT (to receive):
This 5-D consciousness interprets those for all present 3-D manifestations in a larger context by including the remaining 90% of creation that eludes 3-D consciousness.

I refer here to the analogy in physics where it is clear since a while that the material universe accounts for 10% of the totaliy (energy). The remaining 90% has been termed 'dark energy' and 'dark matter'.
Whereas in this 90% only the knowledge of the scientists is 'dark'.

Besides the different interpretation of the apparently obvious in the realm of matter, depending on the individual ability, a cooperation with the remaining 90% of existence is possible, which is not accessible to the 3-D consciousness.

OUTPUT (to give - geben):
Of course, also in this direction of interaction, some things are very different from 3-D consciousness. The well-known mediums of thought, word and action/non-action are used, albeit qualitatively in a different form and with a different intention. In addition, new "tools" become accessible to recognise a wider range of totality and to act through these new tools, to bring about changes in oneself and in the external world and to act as a co-creator of totality.

By this differentiation of levels of consciousness, there should not arise the impression that something or someone is better than something else, is superior or is inferior. This would again be a 3-D interpretation. In reality, each individual is in the exact (consciousness) 'place' that is perfectly right and optimally appropriate. No mistakes or omissions have been made, there are only different, individual paths.



After having mentioned a few points that clarify the differences in consciousness a little, what does 'ascension' actually mean?
As I said before, I don't like this expression. It is a relic from the times when the exponential growth of the inkling or the knowledge of a coming global change of humanity and totality has begun. I would state here the time around the year 2000.
The start of this development began at the onset of the 20th century, more precisely in 1904 with the beginning of the new Aeon of Horus, when the thousand-year-old Secret Scriptures and their knowledge were opened to humanity as a whole and were no longer only in the possession of the 'masters'. Another milestone was the 60's when this knowledge and the application thereof became widespread. A very visible sign at this time was the movement around the dawning of the 'Age of Aquarius'. Love, peace and happiness was being spread.
The knowledge and understanding of 'Ascension' has greatly refined and developed over these past 20 years, analogous to the refinement of this consciousness that is taking place.
Everyone who is engaged in this may also have their own idea about the process and its manifestation. For there is the common denominator, the same fundamental principles for which we are here and which unite us all in this process.

A successful 'ascension' of consciousness to 5-D would be achieved when the then existing humanity according to their individual possibilities live this consciousness. Of course we are able, because there is also no alternative to living this consciousness now, same as then 20 years ago. But this does not concern humanity as a whole. The lack of understanding about this development keeps the majority of humanity living further on within the old mechanisms of the past Aeon of Osiris. This leads to the ever-increasing problems, degenerations and to the divisions described at the beginning. From these seemingly negative phenomena, some could in turn draw conclusions and insights that could form the vector to totality and oneness.
However, there is remaining, no, fortifying of the old structures for the preservation of power and control of the few over the many.
This perpetuation of the past tools of control, heteronomy, dependency, power of control, monopoly of forces, hierarchies etc. puts a corset around the 5-D consciousness which cannot blossom fully in such an environment.
In my view, the removal of this artificial corset would already be the very moment of ascension for all those who already have the necessary consciousness to do so.
All others, if they did not previously represent the corset itself, would simply and with pleasure join the new world, which is based on freedom, love and giving and is aware of the oneness of creation.
For many of the light workers, truthers, knowledge seekers and all other groups who are committed to the Great Work, the present and the last few years represent an experience similar to that which Christians had to live in the environment of the Roman Empire when the Osiris Aeon began. However, we have left the Aeon of the dying and resurrecting Gods long behind us. No one lets themselves be nailed to the cross anymore, we are the manifestation of Horus, the God of force and fire and nothing can resist this manifestation of true universal knowledge, because it is that which IS, behind the matrix of illusion.
It is the new earth, the new reality, the new consciousness in which millions of people are already living, however not within the appropriate possibilities.

Then there are the millions of people who, like automatons, repeat day after day what they say and do, what they have been taught by parents and school, programmed by society's rules of behaviour, following the flock of sheep without questioning the shepherd who leads them to the slaughter.

The third and last category are the few. Those who have designed the corset, or the Matrix, out of inferior motivations and want to maintain it at all costs.
These few who have power and control in the tiny realm of the 10% of illusion. It is about these and their interaction in totality that the next segment deals with.


b) Stagnation, cristallisation of conciousness on 3-D

Every force corresponds to an opposing force. Where there is light, there is shadow. We now encounter what is often called 'the battle of light against darkness'. Or even expressed triter 'good against evil'.
Although it may be used colloquially, for 5-D consciousness it is clear that these are two expressions of the One. The one conditions the appearance of the other. If the dark or the evil were to disappear, the light and the good would also disappear.
We must learn to see the One before a split into duality takes place and thereby interpret duality differently.
More appropriate words to express these dualities are positive/negative, constructive/destructive or even active/passive. These expressions are based on universal concepts and are not relative in the same sense.

This principle of opposing forces fighting each other goes back to the interpretation of God and the devil. Angels and demons. Heaven and hell. It seems to be a battle that takes place externally. Does it?
Every individual has a free will. Each and every one chooses at any moment from the available energy qualities of positive-constructive or negative-destructive. Any perceived restriction to implement one's will guided by love, is only made possible through acceptance of the artificial corset described.
As in martial arts, the only fight and the only opponent is within one' s self. We may see an apparent opponent manifested in 3-D, but the struggle to adequately experience the situation takes place within the self.
The struggle for the light and positive is always connected with more effort, work, voluntary sacrifice, etc. The dark, destructive is the 'easy way'.

  • One drop of black is enough to darken the white. We would need quantities of white to brighten the black.
  • A room gets dirty very quickly on its own, it takes constant energy for a clean, positive environment.
  • A house decays if it is not inhabited, nature reclaims the garden.

The path of the negative and destructive goes downwards, it virtually follows gravity by itself. One gets along faster, has a tailwind, or more appropriately speaking, one follows a pull. The fulfilment of lower personal desires and goals is easy and characterised by quick results.

We have free will to choose whether we choose the evolution of consciousness upwards, towards oneness, towards the source of being, or the way downwards. We strive upwards, towards the sky, the sun, the light, or downwards into the darkness of the earth's interior and solid matter.
The dark forces, the few who have designed and maintain the corset of control and manipulation, are also clearly aware of everything I am writing. They act just as consciously, knowingly and with pleasure on the destructive path as the light forces do with the opposite goal.
Until now, this has simply been the way to create a balance. This happened on different levels over the millennia. Preceding Osiris, in the Aeon of Isis this battle was fought 'in the heavens', represented as the battle of Michael against Luzifer in the shape of the dragon. This corresponds to the consciousness of that time. After Lucifer was defeated by Michael, he fell to earth in the shape of the dragon. This symbolically expresses that from then on, with the advent of the Osiris Aeon, 'evil' on the earthly plane, directly in the individual, with the attainment, increase and exaggeration of the intellect, was given under the free control of the will. This now manifesting negative or demonic energy on earth is called for example 'Ahriman' by Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy). We have been perfecting this game now for the last 2000 years on both sides, which now at the beginning of this Aeon of Horus brings us to the Endgame in the Now. And I mean NOW (written Oct. 2021).

For the dark forces, during the last 100 years, it has become increasingly difficult to restrain the positive, accelerating development of humanity's consciousness, because they work against the quality of time. For when all manipulations and intrigues come to light, they no longer have any power over the gullible people. Therefore, from the point of view of the few, a final act must be performed to prevent the striving for Oneness forever.
Whereas until now it was sufficient to simply let people stagnate in their natural development, now a plan that has been plotted and refined for some 40 years is being implemented which is intended to cut humanity off from the possibility of seeing or seeking the light and the source of existence.

In order not to go too much into the depth of the individual topics here, I will write on another page about the structure of the exercise of power and oppression, which already began in 860 AD in Babylon. The last 40 years were only preparation for the Endgame that we can observe now, if we have eyes to see.



I have now written on a) light forces and b) dark forces. Since on both sides there is the same knowledge, the same abilities, there would be a stalemate. On the light side would be the advantage of the time quality of the present Aeon of Horus.

But I have so far ignored a third factor that is crucial. It is the mass of people. That mass which in the above I have described as follows: "Then there are the millions of people who, like automatons, repeat day after day what they say and do, what they have been taught by parents and school, programmed by society's rules of behaviour, following the flock of sheep without questioning the shepherd who leads them to the slaughter."
This mass, which does not have the same knowledge and consciousness, is used by the dark side to gain a stronger position as well as to follow the goal of spreading destruction and dehumanisation as far as possible.
How great the losses will be and who will live in which 'house' will be decided in every individual, in the inner battle he must engage in, unless he has already lost or given up.

We have reached a point in space-time where two timelines are available.

This is what the following section is about.



I myself don't think in timelines, but it is an effective tool to communicate facts that are actually beyond the intellect, since the latter is at home in the boundaries of space and time.

'Material Time'
For those who are not familiar with it, some key points to get a feeling.
Time as we know it in 3-D appears linear and is more of a position determination, therefore space and not time, as it is based on the position measurement of the earth. This is true on the material level and helps to deal with material occurrences. This time is true but not the truth.

In truth, time in a material environment is a function of consciousness and not linear.

'Spiritual Time'
We as humanity have made all the achievements that are normal today in just over 100 years. Electricity, artificial light, engines, computers, automobiles, aeroplanes, space stations. Before that, we just sailed for thousands of years, innovations and inventions usually came at intervals of hundreds of years.
This is one of many analogies of how time changes ( here it accelerates) in dependence on the change in the consciousness of people.
Another analogy is the altered state of consciousness of sleep, or even when drugged, we can dream whole lives in materially measured 10 minutes. Some have also had the experience of time slowing down when they are in life-threatening situations and the external seems to be moving in slow motion. I myself have also had this experience and have noticed a slowing down by a factor of about 10-15 compared to normal consciousness.
I call this perception of non-linear time within matter 'spiritual time'. It is dependent on the consciousness level of humanity as a whole, but can also be temporarily experienced differently by the individual.

No Time
We need the perception of time while in matter in order to perceive changes and carry out actions.
One of the many illusions in the realm of matter is to transfer the experience with time to other dimensions, to the 90%. Free from an observer within the matter, there is only the NOW. The Moment.
For several years now, this can even be found in quantum physics, and since thousands of years it is the basis for what used to be called secret knowledge.
The somewhat difficult to grasp basis for this is that the whole of creation with all inherent possibilities of development and change exists in one moment and exists only in this moment.
In this moment, which has no temporal expansion, there is an infinite number of space-time points. From these space-time points, timelines come into existence as soon as one moves along them (movement --> time).
Everything in the material realm flows on an individual timeline. A future, as it is revealed to consciousness in the matter, is possible to foresee, as long as until the occurrence of this future no change has developed on this timeline.
Changes in the timeline come about through individual decisions or changes in the conditions. For certain decisions and changes, certain space-time points must be reached. Which points can be reached at the moment depends on the consciousness of the self and of the totality, which is One and not two separate entities.
So we follow a timeline until we make a decision at a point in space-time, or a change occurs. From that point, new timelines open up, depending on the situation.
This principle is true in the single individual and at the same time true for humanity as a totality, which in turn is One and not two separate entities.

We have spoken above about the decisions of the mass of humans in the now and the changes in the external. With this, we have collectively and individually reached a space-time point that opens up new timelines and the predictable 'future' no longer works. The mass is forced, after a hundred years of potentially voluntary choice, to make decisions to move to a new timeline. Who joins which timeline and on which point of space-time he actually is is individual. Certain is only that these are new timelines that lead into unknown realms. Many have already decided in favour of one timeline or another. They did so on the basis of their consciousness and the analogue point of space-time. These new timelines on which humanity is now gathering its experiences are not only changing humanity and its conditions, but also the earth and in the ultimate consequence the universe.


A New Cosmology

Here comes the beef ... ;)
What has been described so far has been a minimum of basics to understand what comes here.
I utilize the 'Tree of Life' of the Kabalah to illustrate the changes that are a result of the different timelines used.
For this illustration I do claim no absolute truth, nor can I tell whether other points in space-time will emerge which would allow additional changes to take place.
It is the projection of the present timelines as they are revealed to my consciousness.

I begin with the so far valid illustration of the Tree of Life. This diagram represents the emanations and differentiations of the One (I), the Totality, into 8 further spheres (II-IX). These spheres contain the basic qualitative energies that are present in the universe (macrocosm), as they are also present in the human as microcosm.


In the 10-th and lowest sphere, which appears like an extension to the geometry of I to IX, all the previously differentiated energies or qualities are gathered or reunited. This sphere represents the previously mentioned 10% of matter in creation. This 10th sphere is called 'the kingdom' and is the realm of matter in which our spirit incarnates or manifests for worldly life (experience).
We see in the 10 the reflection of the 1, the Totality, on another level. The realm of two-digit numbers has begun, with 10=1+0=1. So the ten is the 1, the Creator or the All on another, a 'lower' realm. Or as it says: 'God created man in the image of Himself'. Or: There is only the One and the All, which is the same in essence.
This knowing of reality is obscured by the illusion of matter that is present here in 10. In addition, after the differentiation into the many and the resulting degeneration of the qualities downwards, the directly available energies are of a very low nature.

Directly available means that the human consciousness incarnated on 10 receives the energy qualities of 7 and 8, through the realm called 'foundation' 9, Yesod. This triangle is the personal realm, with personal desires and preferences (7), as well as the purely intellectual knowledge, logic (8) and unconscious behaviour (9).

Not, or not directly, available to the 'unawakened' human is the above triad of 4 and 5, conveyed again by the realm in the middle, here the 6.
This is the realm of the transpersonal or the higher self of the individual.

After this illustration of the so far and now valid cosmology, I illustrate the theory of a new cosmology that, after the above described 'Culmination point, where that which no longer belongs together separates, - no longer is of the same' , would show itself.
This 'separation' would be the possibility of walking along two different timelines. The timeline analogue to the consciousness is the one that is in resonance with the individual consciousness.
The process happens automatically, through attraction of the 'same'. The fish belongs in the water, the bird belongs in the air.



Those individuals who because of their consciousness are not ready for ascension would in future be finding the symbolic structure shown below.
The uppermost realm that is present would correspond to the personal realm rooted in the illusion of duality (7, 8).

Cut off from the influence of the 1, the One, the Creator and the 6, the higher Self, the highest thing to strive for would be to find one's own personal desires again, as well as the use of one's own thinking ability.
Because the pursuit of this timeline would have a networking of the individual with the artificial intelligence (AI) as a cause as well as a consequence, which the World Economic Forum calls the 'Internet of Bodies (IoB)' . Part of the '4th industrial revolution' and the 'great reset' of the same psychopaths.
These networked biorobots, a kind of 'hive-mind' of work drones "will own nothing, but they will be happy" (quote: Klaus Schwab, head of the aforementioned WeF).
The consciousness of these biorobots would be at most on the realm that was previously 10 and would only carry out matter-corresponding input/output operations that can be detected via the senses (sensors).
The consciousness is controlled by the new central realm, the AI or artificial intelligence, which replaces the higher self (6) and the manifestation of the 1, the Creator.
An influence on the individual from only the personal realms 7 and 8 would be comparable to the striving for the divine triad 1, 2 and 3 of the traditional tree of life.
The only virtual existing realm 9 and mediator of the personal consciousness would have to be newly worked out and manifested.

It should be noted that at this level of consciousness, under these conditions, the influence of the realms below the 10 will be the 'normal'. Indicated by the two downward paths, where further realms exist that can be titled as the underworld. This is the seat of the energy qualities that are commonly referred to as negative, dark, destructive or even 'evil'. The home of the demonic forces.



Those individuals who, based on their consciousness, are ready for Ascension, would in the future find the symbolic structure shown below.
The personal realm of 7 and 8 would no longer have any influence on the emotional experience 9 and no longer have any influence in the contemplation of the duality of matter in 10.

To avoid misunderstandings, the consciousness and the implementation of the higher self in each individual is of course just as individual as that of the person, previously shaped by 7 and 8.

  • The elimination of egoistic intentions through the experience of Oneness with All ...
  • the living of feelings instead of emotional states

is an enrichment and not a depletion.

To the reader versed in Kabbalah, I would like to say that 6-Tipheret may in the adjacent illustration also be seen as the so far only 'virtual' existing Sephira Daath. Then 7 would appear as Tipheret.

The main structure from 1 to 7 represents a hexagram with its central sphere, a hexagon that is in balance and all spheres together form a circle.
If it were to remain with this main structure and this perfect balance, there would only be a state of being (in the sense of 'to be'), as opposed to the additional option of 'to go' (movement, change).
Continuing to be incarnated in the kingdom (Malkhut), however, implies change and movement, - in body, soul and spirit.
The balance of the main structure must be slightly out of balance in order to influence and experience in the matter.


the new Cosmology of the Octave

Example from mechanics: The circumcircle 1-7 would, by rotating around the 'hub' (pivot point) 6, always have the same speed.
The 'attachment' Malkhut turns the circle into an eccentric with the same pivot point 6. This causes an imbalance, a vibration, which is a movement. A change over time.

One should now ask how is this change now concerning the aforementioned:

"We see in the 10 the reflection of the 1, the Totality, on another level. The realm of two-digit numbers has begun, with 10=1+0=1. So the ten is the 1, the Creator or the All on another, a 'lower' realm."

The human should nevertheless continue to be the individualisation of the One, the totality, and thus analogue!
The traditional geometry, the scheme based on 1 to 10 is/was so perfect!
The ten as the number of the human being and of matter is not only to be seen in the example of the 10 fingers and 10 toes. But it refers to the material aspect of the human, here the body.


The Theory of the new Cosmology is founded on the 8, the OCTAVE.


The octave is about VIBRATION, about FREQUENCIES. This is energy in the form of waves and not in the form of matter. Now here the system with the 8 (octave) refers to the non-material aspect of the human.
The reflection of the 1, the Creator, must still be true. Which it is. Because in the octave it behaves like this:

  1. C
  2. D
  3. E
  4. F
  5. G
  6. A
  7. H
  8. C'

264 Hz



528 Hz

C and C' are the same note in the scale, at different levels (pitches). Both are a C, the same but individual.

One should consider that an octave (octa=8) actually consists of 7 different tones. Yet it is not called a 'seventh' for good reason. The octave is only complete when the circle is closed, when the highest (C) is united with the reflection of itself (C').
The number 7 is the number of the rhythm, the beat or also the cycles. It is found in the Tree of Life as 7-Netzach, with analogies to the energy quality of Venus. We encounter this energy quality of the cycles for example in the following schemata:

seven parts:
  • 7 spectral colours
  • 7 notes
  • 7 days
  • 7 days x 4
  • white light
  • musical octave
  • 1 week
  • 1 lunar month

Sequences of 7 when completed always form a greater totality. A deeper understanding of this can be gained through study and experience of the analogous realm of 7-Netzach and 9-Yesod.
The following table gives another small insight into the 'magick of 7' which is expressed in the 8. The first column 'number' are multiples of 8, the second column 'number' are divisors of 8:

number: digit sum:   number: digit sum:
7 (1+6)

8 (0+1+2+5=8)
4 ( 0+6+2+5=13=4)

Many efforts have been undertaken by the aforementioned few, the destructive elements, to hide this power that resides in the numbers in the form of analogous energy qualities from the people, as these are clues to finding or seeking the Oneness behind the things.

  • The number '0' by social programming has been assigned the understanding of 'nothing'. 0, on the other hand, is the totaliy in its potential form, which with 1 becomes its manifest form. If one multiplies by 0 and gets 0 as a result, this merely shows that the 0 lies outside of any possible manifestation or manipulation. Also the unpleasant expression 'someone is a 0' shows the great misunderstanding of this number. The 10 elementary single-digit numbers are 0 to 9, not 1-10.
  • Thus the names of the months have been shifted, September is no longer the 7th month (septa=seven), October is no longer the 8th month (octa=8), etc.
  • The beginning of the year was placed in the depths of winter, for hundreds of years the most difficult time of survival due to cold and food supply. In reality, the New Year begins with the Spring Equinox, around March 21st, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries and nature awakens to new life. Of course, the destructive elements preferred that people should 'look forward' to the New Year at the most difficult time, in the depths of winter.

From the countless examples of this principle, I would like to conclude with an example that brings us back to the 8:

  • The concert pitch A, from which all other musical pitches are derived, was changed to 440Hz in 1939. The same year that the Second World War began. Before that, the concert pitch A was at 432Hz.
    432Hz is a multiple of 8 (54x8) and is therefore harmonious to the Schumann Resonance Frequency of the earth (8 Hz) and therefore harmonious to humans. When tuned to A=432Hz, the C comes to lie at 128Hz (16x8). With A=440Hz, there is a C=130.813 Hz. That is nothing at all, not even an integer value.
    The 432 Hz go back to the Hebrews, the ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians, who tuned their instruments according to the concert pitch A 1 432 Hz. Pythagoras also used this reference tone, which is also known as the "Pythagorean sixth".
    When the 440 Hz was to be set as the ISO standard in 1953, 40,000 musicians who followed this development submitted petitions to prevent it. It was of no more use than demonstrations today against the intrigues of the dark forces.


Comparison of timeline-1 (3D) with timeline-2 (5D)

We can thus say:

  • The system based on the 10 refers to the human as his material appearance which contains the soul and the spiritual components.
  • The system based on the 8 (octave) refers to the non-material part of the human, his spirit, his soul, his spiritual being incarnated in a material shell or form.
That both systems are admissible views within matter and thus both true can also be recognised in physics and quantum physics.
It concerns the question whether light consists of physical particles (matter) or is it a wave (frequencies). Consider that light is often seen as an analogy for the spirit of human or the Creator.
In physics, the 'Double-slit experiment'serves this purpose.
In quantum mechanics, which looks deeper into the oneness of spirit and matter than physics, which deals exclusively with the 10% of matter, we find the following derived from the double slit experiment 'Wave–particle Duality' (!).
Quote Wikipedia: "The Wave-particle Duality is the concept in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity may be described as either a particle or a wave. It expresses the inability of the classical concepts "particle" or "wave" to fully describe the behaviour of quantum-scale objects."

Remark: As the english version of Wikipedia is not that 'straight in the face' about the 'Wave-particle dualiry' as the german one, you english readers get a bonus quote from Albert Einstein about this:
Quote A.Einstein: "It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do."

Even if we don't need confirmation from science, it is always nice to be able to comprehend the truth and knowledge intellectually.
At this level of realisation we can say, yes, we are both frequency (spirit) and body (particle). That this, although already much closer to a truth, is still a consideration within duality lies already in the term 'Wave-particle Duality'.
The oneness behind this apparent duality can be found e.g. in the 'Plasma Physics' of the 'Keshe foundation Spaceship Institute', which I have studied and applied as a priority for the last 5 years and which represents the second part of this homepage. I cannot go into this any further here, but my own small page on this or the 'Keshe foundation' itself offer plenty of opportunities to do so.
Note: I use the term frequency here as a synonym for spirit, since it refers to the non-material part of the human and it has become customary to speak of 'higher frequencies' and 'lower frequencies' of the human or of consciousness. For the sake of ease of understanding, I have adopted this here.
Nevertheless, I would like to point out that there is no frequency in the dimension of the spirit that exists beyond the illusion of space-time in 10-Malkhut. Oscillations per second (frequency) requires time (second). The oscillation states expressing spirituality are true in Malkhut, but they are not the truth. The state of the spirit is like DC (direct current) compared to AC (alternating current).

The 'Culmination point, where that which no longer belongs together separates, - no longer is of the same' leads to the situation that one part of humanity will live its own reality as a 'particle' and the other part of humanity will live its reality as an 'energy' or 'wave', incarnated in a body and in the kingdom (Malkhut), on different timelines and, so to speak, also on different earths.

We sincerely wish from our hearts all the positive things that are possible for the people who integrate themselves into the 'Internet of Bodies' as network nodes. May they succeed in re-establishing the point of consciousness 9-Yesod (foundation) over the ages and at least come to independent thoughts and decisions. May in the darkness of the underworld the small light that is there be perceived, even if it is the light of the 'Lightbringer' (Lucifer). For it is the only one that is there ...



Graphical overview of the separation of the timelines 3D - 5D:


I think that what has been presented so far about the reasons that lead to the separation of the two timelines is sufficient to create one's own picture. Also about the fundamental changes, how the realities present themselves in 3D and in 5D, basic information is now provided.
More than the basic framework I do not want to offer, because everyone should create their own reality through intuition, reflection on it and through creative, constructive imagination.

Film tips on parts of the basics:


Nibiru (?)

At the very beginning of this document I wrote:

"The fifth point about the planet Nibiru I bring into play to give the supporters of this theory the possibility to shape the rather fixed interpretation of this concept, which goes back to Babylonian records, more openly."

I have little knowledge about the theory of the existence of this so far hidden planet. Therefore, no explanations follow here.
I would like to give the reader of this paper, who is already involved in this field, the opportunity to think about whether the realities mentioned above in the picture Earth-1 and Earth-2 can have something to do with the manifestation of Nibiru.
Would it be thinkable that Nibiru might become Earth-1 or Earth-2 once we reach the point in space-time that opens the two timelines?
Could Nibiru be out of phase with normal 3D consciousness and only become 'reality', manifest, when the two timelines separate?
Since it is fitting for this section: Do aliens exist? If so, what is the difference between an alien and a trans-dimensional being? Are there aliens but no demons or angels? Are there both, or is it the same?

For insiders of this Nibiru theory, thinking about these questions would involve overcoming the self-imposed limitations of their own system. At least for a short time. Isn't that what is also wished from the doubters of the Nibiru theory? To take everything into consideration, i.e. to look at it.

May everyone overcome their individual restrictions and limitations and remember ...


"The more I know, the more I know that I don't know anything."


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